Undergraduate Programs of Study

Note: Program requirements are subject to change. Advising and program information provided on this website is for general information and guidance only. It does not constitute a contract, either expressed or implied, and is subject to revision at the University’s discretion. Students should be further aware that additional licensure and certification requirements may be imposed by outside licensing or accrediting agencies even after a plan of study has been approved or after a student has entered a professional program. A plan of study may be subject to revision to reflect such additional requirements.

Requirements of Majors and Minors in the Department from the Undergraduate Catalog 2015-16, scroll down as appropriate

Majors (in the order they appear in the catalog)



General Pre-requisite:

ENG 110 is a pre-requisite for all other courses in the English Department, except ENG 099, ESL 108 and 109.