Mail Services

Managed by Operational Logistics Director
Scott McKenna Ph. D

East Hall Room 104
Phone: (860) 832-2529

Main Mailroom

Mailroom Substation

East Hall Room 104 Student Center Room 1100000
Phone: 860 832-2528 Phone: 860 832-1937
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-3:30pm

Mission Statement

The Central Connecticut State University Mail Services Department carries two primary responsibilities within its main mission:

1. Pick up and distribute campus mail between various locations throughout the university.

2. Receive and distribute incoming U.S. mail, and to deliver prepared outgoing U.S. mail to the U.S. Postal Services New Britain facility, as well as special preparation forwarding via commercial carriers.

Both of these functions are for the official internal business of the university and are not intended to be used for personal or private business purposes.



The Mail Services Department operates from two locations. The main sorting and processing office is located in East Hall. The Satellite facility is located in The Student Center (for student mail only). All resident student mailboxes are located in The Student Center's satellite facility. Boxes are available for commuter students to rent. For more information, please see a mail services attendant in The Student Center.