Welte Sound



Yamaha PM 3000 main mixing console

MOTU 896 audio interface and Digital Performer software

Several multiple channel consoles (remote use)



(2) Yamaha P2350

JBL MPA 1100 Professional Amplifier

(3) Ashley FET-2000M stereo amps


Dolby Surround System Processor CP55 CSP

(3) Yamaha Q2031A

Sabine FBX1020 Feedback Exterminator Plus

Yamaha SPX 900

Rane DC24 Dynamic Crossover

Input Devices:

Nakamichi MR-1 cassette deck

Tascam CD-01 Mk11 CD player


(2) PC-166 Condenser Floor Mics<7/li>

(2) AT 4069 Condenser Mics

JM58 Microphones

28-channel on-stage snake 24inputs, 4 outputs

Various portable input devices

JM58 Microphones

PCC 160 Condenser Mics



(2) Front wall pocket drivers JBL Array series (4882-90)

(1) Original Centerfill Array

(2) Mezzanine driver columns

(16) Side wall and back fill JBL industrial Series #8330

(2) JBL Professional Series Subs #4645

(3) JBL Professional Series Drivers #4508 (portable)

(3) JBL Professional Series Drivers #4508 (portable)

Press Box:

U.S. Audio PressMite Active Press Box #328517

OPAMP Labs Model VA-32 1x32 Distribution System



Clear-Com WBS-6A system (wireless)