Diversity Brown Bag Lecture Series

12:15-1:15 in the Marcus White Living Room

9/11/13 Dr. Jacob Werblow: Diversity through experience: Using community walks through New Britain as a springboard for personal transformation.


10/9/13: Dr. Beth Merenstein: Infusing diversity into the curriculum


11/13/13: Dr. Kurt Love: Teaching at the intersection of social justice, diversity, and sustainability


12/11/13: Dr. Carolyn Fallahi: Results from the Diversity Assessment Project


2/12/14: Dr. Reginald Simmons: Supporting the success of ethnic-minority -American students in your class

3/5/14: Dr. Ravi Shankar: What contemporary Asian and Arabic poetry can teach us about ourselves. This talk will NOT be in MWLR, but wil be in the Student Center Camp 121.


4/9/14: Dr. Audra King: Title TBA