Faculty Senate Diversity Committee Membership

Attendance at Faculty Senate Diversity Committee meetings is open to all current CCSU students, faculty, administrators, and employees. Membership can be attained in either of two ways: (1) by nomination or self-nomination in response to the annual call for nominations by the Elections Committee of the Faculty Senate each spring, or (2) by submitting a request for membership to the Chair of the Diversity Committee. Members who join the committee through the annual election process receive immediate voting privileges; those who join by submitting written requests will be vested with voting privileges after 30 days on the Diversity Committee membership roster. The term of membership is one academic year, and there is no limit to the number of years a member may serve, nor is there a limit to the number of members who may serve on the Committee. Once the academic year begins the Chair of the Diversity Committee is responsible for keeping membership records and is responsible for informing the Senate President monthly of any additions or subtractions from the initial membership of that academic year.

If you interested in becoming a member of the Faculty Senate Diversity Committee, please be sure to first review the Faculty Senate Diversity Committee Bylaws, and then contact Chairperson: Jan Bishop, Physical Ed. & Human Performance, (860) 832-2156

FSDC 2017-2018 Committee Members

Bishop, Jan, Chair Physical Ed. & Human Performance
Gagnon, Amy, Vice-Chair Physical Ed. & Human Performance
Mackey, Megan, Secretary Special Education & Intervention
Amaya-Bower, Luz Engineering
Clark, Barbara Lit El Ed Chld Ed
French, James Lit El Ed Chld Ed
Fuentes, Rocio Modern Languages
Keazer, Lindsay Mathematical Sciences
Leong, Chee-hoi Physical Ed. & Human Performance
Love, Kurt Ed Lead Policy Inst Tech
Marosz, Dragana Center for International Ed.
Marquez, Caroline Explore
Moreno-Fuentes, Gladys Student Wellness
Rahman, Mohammad Mfg Const Mgt
Thomas, Catherine Nursing
Watson, Sheldon Ed Lead Policy Inst Tech
Werblow, Jacob Ed Lead Policy Inst Tech
York, Cassandra Physical Ed. & Human Performance