Safety and Environmental Health Committee


1. One member elected from each of the following groups:

  1. Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics/Earth Science)
  2. School of Technology
  3. teaching faculty not from either of the former two groups
  4. non-teaching faculty
  5. classified staff
  6. Chemical Hygiene Officer

2. Two students elected by the Student Senate for renewable one-year terms

3. The following or their representative(s), all ex officio: Vice President for finance and Administration, Director of Public Safety, Associate Vice President for Personnel Administration, Director of Housing.

The committee shall organize itself after September 1 of each academic year but no later than the fourth week of the fall semester, electing its officers and establishing its procedures.

Functions and Responsibilities

1. The committee shall investigate the state of physical safety, environmental health and emergency procedures on campus; prepare suggestions for correcting shortcomings and bringing the University into compliance with state and federal regulations; and report to the Faculty Senate regarding safety and emergency procedures on campus.

2. The committee shall report to the Faculty Senate at least once a year.

Duration of the Committee: The committee shall automatically cease to exist if the Senate fails to initiate and pass a bill for its continued existence every three years.