University Projects over $500,000

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Item #

1 Barnard Hall Upgrades to Campus Data Center Server Room (CCSU Funds)
2 Burritt Library Addition/Expansion (CSUS 2020)
3 Burritt Library Renovation/Reorganization (CCSU Funds)
4 Burritt Library HVAC Code Improvements (CSUS 2020)
5 Campus Wide Signage Program (CSUS 2020)
6 Clarence Carroll Hall Renovations (CHEFA)
7 Davidson Hall Fire Code Improvements Phase II
8 Davidson Hall Window Replacement Phase II (CSUS 2020)
9 East Campus Environmental Impact Evaluation/Infrastructure Design (General Obligation Bond Funds)
10 East Campus Infrastructure Development of 150 acres (CSUS 2020)
11 HVAC Improvements Phase II-Extension of Chilled Water (CSUS 2020)
12 HVAC Improvements Phase III - Additional Chilled Water Capacity for Campus Air Conditioning (CSUS 2020)
13 Henry Barnard Hall Window Replacement (CSUS 2020)
14 Henry Barnard Hall Roof Replacement and Entrance Improvements (CSUS 2020)
15 HVAC Conversion Seth North Residence Hall (CSUS 2020)
16 HVAC Conversion of Catherine Beecher Residence Hall (CHEFA)
17 HVAC Conversion Sam May Residence Hall (CHEFA)
18 I.T.B.D. Parking Garage Structural Repairs (CCSU Funds)
19 I.T.B.D. Roof Replacement (CCSU Funds)
20 Kaiser Hall Gymnasium HVAC Improvements (CSUS 2020)
21 Marcus White Hall Fire Code Improvements (CSUS 2020)
22 Memorial Hall Food Service Improvements (CHEFA)
23 New Academic Classroom Bldg. (CSUS 2020)
24 New Engineering Building (CCSU Funds)
25 New Maintenance Building/Salt Shed (CSUS 2020)
26 New Northeast Dining Facility (CHEFA)
27 New Public Safety Complex (General Obligation Bond Funds)
28 New Residence Hall (CHEFA)
29 Recreation and Athletic Track - Phase VI (CCSU Funds)
30 Security Improvements - Code Compliance/Infrastructure Improvements - General Fund Buildings (CSUS 2020)
31 Soccer Field: Phase V (CCSU Funds)
32 Stadium Seating & Associated Support Facilities Phase IV Athletic Fields (CCSU Funds)
33 Welte and Kaiser Window Replacement (CSUS 2020)
34 Willard and DiLoreto Halls Renovations (CSUS 2020)

Recreation and Athletic Track - Phase VI