TO: Faculty Senate

FROM: Senate Election Committee May 6, 2008


SUBJECT: 2008 Election Committee Report


The Election Committee of the Faculty Senate was responsible for the following activities during Academic Year 2007-2008 …


1.      Lack of confidence vote regarding President Miller

2.      Election of Senate Officers

3.      Elections to fill vacancies on committees of the Senate elected by the Faculty

4.      Elections to fill vacancies on committees of the Senate elected by the Senate

5.      Election of Senators representing Part Time Faculty


There are a number of elections that have not been completed as of this date as follows:


1.      Promotion and Tenure Committee: This election will be conducted in September 2008 according to the new by laws for this committee.


2.      AAUP Sabbatical Leave Committee: A run-off election is required to fill one vacancy on the AAUP Sabbatical Leave Committee. This election will be conducted in September 2008 by the new Election Committee and combined with the P&T election noted above. The run off candidates are:


n  David Cappella

n  Jean Lefebvre

n  Xiaoping Shen


3.      SUOAF … Sabbatical Leave and ITC: Elections to fill SUOAF vacancies on the Information Technology Committee and the Sabbatical Leave Committee will be conducted by SUOAF leadership and combined with SUOAF’s election of its Senators. We have no status information on these elections at this time.


4.      Senators to Represent Part Time Faculty: This election was not done in April 2008 as required by Senate by-laws due to an oversight by members of the Election Committee. Nominees have been secured and are listed below. This election should be conducted to fill 3 vacancies by a new election committee in September 2008.


n  Tom Frank

n  George Murphy

n  Kathy Stankewicz

n  Scott McKenna

n  Sylvia Purvis

n  Martin Faelon

n  Barbara McCleary


The Election Committee offers the following recommendations to the Faculty Senate:


1.      Electronic Voting: We continue to believe that it is desirable to convert Senate election processes from a manual, paper ballot system to an electronic, web based system. The 2008-2009 election committee should investigate this.


2.      Continuity: Senate election processes are complex, time consuming and full of potential for error. That said, we recommend that at least one active member of this year’s Election Committee should serve next year to provide continuity.


3.      Procedure Manual: The new election committee should prepare a procedure manual listing all the work that needs to be done and how it should be accomplished. This would be extremely helpful to Election Committees of the future.


4.      Committee Membership: The Election Committee is work intensive and requires a strong chair with excellent administrative skills. These requirements should be highlighted when the next Election Committee is elected by the Faculty Senate at its first meeting in September 2008.




Submitted by the 2007-2008 Senate Election Committee:



David Blitz

Sharon Braverman

Darius Dziuda

Thomas Frank

Paloma Lapuerta

David Sianez