Goode's World Atlas


Required Readings
There is no required text for this class. You will need a current world atlas only for the second week of class. I will assign appropriate topical readings that will be directly linked from this course website. Consider this website your Central Command for the course.
Graded Requirements

Quizzes - 45%

Beginning the third week of the semester, there will be a short (20-30 minute) quiz at the beginning of each class. Each quiz will be based on material covered during the previous lecture, including related assigned readings, basic ideas covered in student presentations, and extra material such as movies or audio clips presented during class. Each quiz will also have a “map labeling” component; I will assign specific world regions for each quiz, and these will be listed at the top of each topic page. Certain ideas central to an understanding of geography may appear on more than one quiz. I will drop your lowest quiz grade. Important: quizzes will begin promptly at the start of class time; you will not get extra time if you are late. I will begin the day's lecture when everyone in class has handed in their quizzes, so if you come in late you may miss the quiz entirely. There is no final exam in this course.

Assignments - 45%

There will be approximately 8–10 graded assignments throughout the semester; some will be completed in class and others will be assigned for out-of-class work. The specific requirements for each assignment will be announced in class. Details about assignments will appear on the Assignments page of this website (which always has a dedicated link at the top of the page). I will drop your lowest assignment grade.

Map - 10%

Every week after the quiz, 4 students will discuss maps they have found in a reputable news source. I will project each map on the screen while you tell the class where it comes from, what type of map it is, and what it means. Sign-ups for presentation slots will begin on Week 2. Complete details, along with a schedule and links to student maps, are provided at the "Map Presentations" page of this website (which always has a dedicated link at the top of the page).

Extra Credit - ??

Any opportunities for Extra Credit will be at the whim of the instructor and will be offered to all students on an equal basis (i.e., I will not give chances for Extra Credit based on individual grades, situations, or pleas).

Course Schedule
The first half of the course will cover the concepts of physical geography; in the second half, we will shift gears and focus on human geography. Details of required readings are provided on the individual topic pages, which you can acces via the links at the top of this website.
Attendance Policy
I do not take attendance, but because there is a quiz every week, repeated absences will nonetheless be reflected in your final grade. No make-up quizzes or assignments will be given. This course meets only once a week, and the grading system takes into account an unavoidable absence (that is why your lowest quiz and assignment grades are automatically dropped). It is your responsibility to notify me in advance of absences whenever possible. If you miss a quiz or assignment without prior notification, your grade will be a zero. If you know that your schedule will require you to miss several graded assignments or quizzes, you should consider taking a different section of this course that does not conflict with your schedule. Please do not come to class if you are ill. You should consider exchanging contact information with another student who would be willing to provide you with lecture notes if you miss a class.
Grading Scale
A >93% B 83-86.9% C 73-76.9% D 63-66.9%
A- 90-92.9% B- 80-82.9% C- 70-72.9% D- 60-62.9%
B+ 87-89.9% C+ 77-79.9% D+ 67-69.9% F <60%

You can learn about University cancellations from the CCSU website or by calling 832-3333.
Academic Honesty
Any indication of academic misconduct will result in an F for the course and possible further action by the University.