Daniel T. Larose, PhD
Professor of Mathematical Sciences
Data Mining @CCSU

Marcus White Hall 105   
CCSU, New Britain, CT, 06050
  (860) 832-2862     larosed@ccsu.edu

I live in Tolland with my wife Debra,
daughters Chantal and Ravel, and son Tristan.

Here are some of my recent books and papers...

Chantal is at Eastern!

Daughter Chantal has accepted a position as Assistant Professor
of Statistics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Eastern Connecticut State University.

Chantal completed her PhD in the Statistics Dept at UConn, Storrs, in 2015.

Dissertation: Model-Based Clustering Using Incomplete Data.


Discovering Statistics, 3rd edition, W.H. Freeman, 2016

Data Mining and Predictive Analytics, 2nd edition, with Chantal Larose, PhD, Wiley, 2015

Discovering Knowledge in Data: An Introduction to Data Mining, 2nd edition,
with Chantal Larose, PhD, Wiley, 2014

The Role of Patient History and Body Site Surveillance Cultures as Predictors of Colonization in a Long-Term Acute Care Hospital Setting
by Brenda Nurse, MD, Randall Barton, PhD, and Daniel Larose, PhD.  Connecticut Medicine, February, 2017.

Developing Artificial Neural Networks to Predict Functional One Year After Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury, by Timothy Belliveau, PhD and multiple authors, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, October, 2016.

Low Rate of Bacteremia with a Subcutaneously Implanted Central Venous Access Device,
by Brenda Nurse, MD, Rita Bonczek, APRN, Randall Barton, PhD, and Daniel Larose, PhD,

The Journal of Vascular Access, 2013

Non-Professional Interests

The companion website 
for the Wiley books is: www.dataminingconsultant.com.

The Wiley Series on Methods and Applications in Data Mining

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My twin children, Tristan and Ravel, begin their college careers this fall at ECSU.

So, all three of my kids have ended up at Eastern at the same time, one as a professor and two as students.

Tristan Spring Larose

Ravel Renaissance Larose