Atropa erecta, Saracha erecta, Saracha zuccagniana, Witheringia zuccagniana
are synonyms of Jaltomata procumbens if the image below is of the type specimen

28 Feb 2013  
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Alvarez (1996, page 108) wrote "Saracha zuccagniana G. Don, Gen. Hist. 4:452. 1838. ... = Jaltomata sp. The photographs taken from G herbarium are not the type of S. zuccagniana. The type of this binomial is a plant cultivated at Florence, Italy, same as Atropa erecta Zuccagni."

Notes after study of the above photospecimen owned by NY

  • this photospecimen shows Jaltomata, not Solanum as annotated by a previous worker

  • the image above is of one of the black / purple fruited Jaltomata species

  • If the above image shows the type of Atropa erecta, Atropa erecta is a synonym of Jaltomata procumbens.

  • I can't see a collection locality of Atropa erecta Zuccagni in Roemer Collectanea 1809, pages 129 - 130, shown below.

  • an earlier worker annotated the above photospecimen as Solanum micranthum, visible above.

  • Tilton Davis IV annoted the above photospecimen as Jaltomata in 1975 (annotation only partially showing in this scan).

  • Inflorescences are at least 6-flowered including buds (observation made with dissecting microscope on the photospecimen shown above)

  • I pasted part of page 130 on to the bottom of page 129 before scanning the image below.