Saracha conspersa Miers is a synonym of Jaltomata procumbens
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Type specimen (Coulter 1227, K) of Saracha conspersa. Only one open flower can be seen; its style is missing (as shown above) and only two intact stamens can be seen. Anthers (dehisced) are 1.4 mm long.
Type specimen (Coulter 1227, K) of Saracha conspersa. Only one fruit can be seen on the type specimen.
Above. The type specimen of Saracha conspersa Miers (Coulter 1227, K). Smallest units on lower side of ruler are mm
Type specimen (Coulter 1227, K) of Saracha consersa. Peduncle meets pedicels, showing that there are at least 6 flowers per inflorescence including buds, and the pedicels & peduncle are densely pubescent with non-gland-tipped erect finger hairs.

Saracha conspersa Miers, Annals and Magazine of Natural History, series 2 3: 449. 1849.

Type: MEXICO. HIDALGO, Zimapan, Coulter 1227 (Holotype: K! photos above on this web page).

Morton (1938) treated this binomial as a synonym of Saracha procumbens, now known as Jaltomata procumbens.