Jaltomata nitida (Bitter) Mione

Venezuela and Colombia
updated 2011  
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Colombia and Venezuela
Jaltomata nitida pressed specimen (isotype)

Distribution: Venezuela and Colombia

Habitat: This species has been collected along a highway and in a primary jungle.

Altitude: 1700 - 2500 m

Flowering and fruiting in June, August, October and December

J. nitida specimens studied
country department locality elevation m habitat date collector data entry
Colombia Santander Eastern Cordillera, between Piedecuesta and Las Vegas 2000 - 2500 wooded bank 19 - 24 December 1926 E. P. Killip & A. C. Smith 15544 (NY, US)
September 2010


comparison of three similar Andean Jaltomata species
  auriculata nitida sanctae-martae
country of type specimen Colombia Venezuela  
filaments hairy on lower half (illustration in protologue) glabrous (protologue "filamentorum...glaberrimi"; Spooner 1601 collected at type locality has glabrous filaments)  
fruit color at maturity   orange ("aurantiacum" in protologue)  
flowers per inflor to 6 3 - 4 in protologue, but Spooner 1601 (collected at type locality) has an inflorescence having 6 flowers  
elevation of type specimen   1700 m (from Spooner's 1601 collected at type locality)  


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