Leucophysalis viscosa (Schrader) A. T. Hunz. has been variously treated in six different genera including Jaltomata, but is not a Jaltomata.

During my doctoral research (1989-1992) I became familiar with this species by growing it, and I thought of this species as more closely related to Physalis than to Jaltomata, as was suggested by Hunziker (1961).  Hunziker (1991) transferred this species to Leucophysalis, based on morphological and anatomical investigations of flowers, fruits and seeds. 

This species had also been treated as Saracha viscosa Schrader and Physalis schraderiana (Schrader) Bernhardi (Hunziker, 1961, 1991; Gentry, 1972).  These genera and the genera Leucophysalis, Chamaesaracha, Margaranthus and Nicandra were included by Mione et al. (1994) to help determine the proper placement of the species known (at that time) as Jaltomata viscosa

Mione et al. (1994 ) found that this taxonomic waif does not group with Jaltomata species.  See the bottom of page 916 and the top of page 917 of Mione et al. (1994) for details. A type specimen can be viewed at the Missouri Botanical Garden Web Site [see Jaltomata viscosa (Schrad.) D'Arcy & Til. Davis].

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