Faculty Senate Agenda

Vance 105

4/11/11    3:05 pm

1. Approval of Minutes, March 14, 2011

2. Announcements

a. AAUP President (J. Jones)

b. SUOAF-AFSCME President (F. Bonvicini)

c. President of the Senate (C. Barrington)

3. Committee Reports

a. Academic Standards

        Grade appeals policy and form (F. Latour) FS 10.11.019B

b. Committee on Committees (F. Latour)

        University Athletics Board bylaws FS 10.11.020B

        Grade Appeals Committee bylaws FS 10.11.021B

        Sabbatical Leave Committee bylaws FS 10.11.022B

c. Curriculum Committee FS 10.11.023

d. UPBC (C. Valk) [DELAYED TO 4/25]

e. Elections Committee (S. Bernstein)

f. Academic Standards

       Residency Proposal (J. Mulrooney) FS 10.11.024B

g. WAC (R. Wood)

4. Unfinished Business

 Resolutions (B. Greenfield)

    Class Action to Save Higher Education FS.10.11.003R

    Anti-war Resolution FS 10.11.004R

5. New Business

Resolution(M. Alewitz) FS 10.11.005R

    End Harassment of Community Artists