CCSU Faculty Senate

Agenda—September 23, 2013

VAC 105   3:05 PM


1. Approval of Minutes, September 9, 2013

2. Announcements

a.  AAUP President (M. A. Mahony)

b.  SUOAF-AFSCME President (E. Hicks)

c.  SGA (B. Choplick)

d.  FAC to the BOR (S. Adair)

3. Election: President of the Faculty Senate

4. Election of Senate Committees

a.  Committee on Committees

b.  Committee on Academic Freedom

c.  Committee on Constitution and By-Laws

d.  Committee on Appointments and Personnel

5. Committee Reports

a.  Elections Committee (S. Bernstein)

b.  Promotion and Tenure Committee (P. Halloran)

Part 1, Part 2

c.  Ad Hoc Committee on Vance Lecture (C. Galligan)

6. New Business

a.  Committee Term Limit Exceptions

b.  Resolution of thanks to former Faculty Senate President James Mulrooney

7. Adjournment