Faculty Senate Bills and Resolutions

2009 – 2010


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Bill Number Description Date of Faculty Senate Action Presidential Action
FS.09.10.001B DEC Exceptions Fall 2009 09/14/2009 Approved
FS.09.10.002B Academic Integrity Committee Annual Report 2008-09 09/28/2009 Approved
FS.09.10.003B Adoption of Revision Procedures for Faculty Handbook 09/28/2009 Approved
FS.09.10.004B Exception to Membership in Graduate Studies Committee 09/28/2009 Approved
FS.09.10.005B Curriculum Committee Report 10/7/09 Parts I through IV 10/12/2009 Approved
FS.09.10.006B Curriculum Committee Report 10/7/09 Part V, Section C deleted, Section B amended 10/12/2009 Approved
FS.09.10.007B Academic Standards Committee Report 10/12/09 10/12/2009 Approved
FS.09.10.008B Authorization to Create a Task Force on Childcare at CCSU 10/12/2009 Approved
FS.09.10.009B DEC Exceptions, Department of Marketing and Department of Manufacturing and Construction Management 10/12/2009 Approved
FS.09.10.010B Curriculum Committee Report of 11/4/09 11/09/2009 Approved
FS.09.10.011B Curriculum Committee Report of 12/2/09 12/07/2009 Approved
FS.09.10.012B UPBC Project Proposal Format 12/07/2009 Approved
FS.09.10.013B December 2009 Undergraduate Candidates 12/07/2009 Approved
FS.09.10.014B December 2009 Graduate Candidates 12/07/2009 Approved
FS.09.10.015B Amendments to Senate By-Laws 02/08/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.016B Academic Standards Report 03/08/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.017B Curriculum Committee Report of 3/3/10 03/08/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.018B Advisory Committee for Academic Advising By-Law Changes 03/08/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.019B Sabbatical Leave Committee By-Law Changes 03/08/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.020B Academic Standards 04/12/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.021B Curriculum Committee Report of 4/7/10 04/12/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.022B Constitution Revisions, all except 3.8, 3.9, 3.10 04/12/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.023B Constitution Revisions: 3.8, 3.9, 3.10 04/12/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.024B May Undergraduate Candidates for Graduation 05/10/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.025B May Graduate Candidates for Graduation 05/10/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.026B International and Area Studies Committee Report and Recommendations 05/10/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.027B UPBC Objectives    05/10/2010 Approved in part, disapproved in part
FS.09.10.028B Curriculum Committee Report from 5/5/10 05/10/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.029B Academic Integrity Policy, Report and Appeal Form 05/10/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.030B Senate By-Law Change 2.13 05/10/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.031B Amendment to Promotion and Tenure Policy 05/10/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.032B Change in By-Laws: Excellence in Teaching Committee 05/10/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.033B Change in By-Laws: Student Affairs Committee, Mission Statement 05/10/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.034B Change in By-Laws: Promotion and Tenure Committee 05/10/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.035B Change in By-Laws: CSU Trustees Research Award Committee 05/10/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.036B Change in By-Laws: CSU Trustees Teaching Award Committee 05/10/2010 Approved
FS.09.10.037B Change in By-Laws: CCSU Grade Appeals Committee 05/10/2010 Approved


Resolution Number Description Date of Faculty Senate Action Presidential Action
FS.09.10.001R Resolution in Support of Student Teach-in Against Racism 09/28/2009 Noted
FS.09.10.002R Resolution to the Board of Trustees Recognizing the ITBD as a Center of Excellence in Workforce and Business Development 10/26/2009 Noted
FS.09.10.003R Resolution Concerning Actions of NYC Police to Professor R. Shankar and Authorizing the Senate President to Transmit to the Mayor of New York City  10/26/2009 Noted
FS.09.10.004R Resolution to the CSU Board of Trustees 02/08/2010 Noted