Faculty Senate Bills and Resolutions           

2010 – 2011


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FS.10.11.001B         DEC Exceptions                                 9/13/10                                    Approved

FS.10.11.002B         Exceptions: Membership in                9/13/10                                    Approved

                                 Grad. Studies Com.   

FS.10.11.003B         Change to UPBC report                     9/13/10                                    Approved

                                 of 2008-09           
FS.10.11.004B         Curriculum Committee Report           10/11/10                                   Approved

                                 of 10/06/10       

FS.10.11.005B         DEC Exceptions                                 10/11/10                                  Approved
FS.10.11.006B         Creation of Ad Hoc Committee          10/11/10                                  Approved

                                 on WAC       

FS.10.11.007B         Creation of Ad Hoc Committee          10/11/10                                  Approved

                                 on Gen Ed       

FS.10.11.008B         Modification of the UPBC Charter      10/25/10                                 Approved in part

President Miller's Response to Senate Bill FS 10.11.008B Modification of UPBC Charter                              

FS.10.11.009B       DEC Exceptions                                   10/25/10                                 Approved

FS.10.11.010B       Curriculum Committee Report              11/08/10                                 Approved    

                               of 11/3/10

FS.10.11.011B       Curriculum Committee Report              12/06/10                                 Approved   

                              of 12/1/10

FS.10.11.012B      Assessment Committee Report            12/06/10                                 Approved

FS.10.11.013B     Undergraduate Candidates                   12/06/10                                  Approved

                             for Graduation, Dec 2010

FS.10.11.014B    Graduate Candidates                             12/6/10                                   Approved

                            for Graduation, Dec 2010

FS.10.11.015B    Report fromAd Hoc Committee               2/14/11                                  Approved

                            on General Education

FS.10.11.016B    Academic Integrity Committee--             2/14/11                                   Deferred

                            Academic Misconduct Policy

President Miller's Response to Senate Bill FS 10.11.016B Academic Misconduct Policy

FS.10.11.017B    Academic Standards Committee            2/14/11                                  Approved

FS.10.11.018B   Curriculum Committee Report                 3/14/11                                  Approved

FS.10.11.019B   Academic Standards--                             4/11/11                                  Approved

                           Grade Appeals Policy and Form

FS.10.11.020B   University Athletics Board bylaws            4/11/11                                  Approved

FS.10.11.021B   Grade Appeals Committee bylaws           4/11/11                                  Approved

FS.10.11.022B   Sabbatical Leave Committee bylaws       4/11/11                                  Approved

FS.10.11.023B    Curriculum Committee Report                 4/11/11                                  Approved

                           of 4/6/11

FS.10.11.024B   Academic Standards--                             4/11/11                                   Approved

                           Residency Proposal 

FS.10.11.025B  Curriculum Committee Report                   5/9/11                                    Approved

                           of 5/4/11

FS.10.11.026B  Curriculum Committee bylaws                 5/9/11                                     Approved      

FS.10.11.027B  Promotion and Tenure Comm recs           5/9/11                                    Approved      

FS.10.11.028B  Promotion and Tenure bylaws                  5/9/11                                     Approved      

FS.10.11.029B  Academic Integrity Comm bylaws            5/9/11                                     Approved      

FS.10.11.030B  Academic Assessment Comm bylaws     5/9/11                                     Approved      

FS.10.11.031B  Faculty Senate bylaws                             5/9/11                                     Approved      

FS.10.11.032B  Child Care Task Force recs                     5/9/11                                      Approved      

FS.10.11.033B  Academic Standards--                             5/9/11                                 Disapproved                    

                         School of Business Policy

President Miller's Response to Senate Bill FS 10.11.033B School of Business Policy

FS.10.11.034B  Academic Standards--                             5/9/11                                      Approved      

                          Course Withdrawal Policy

FS.10.11.035B  Graduate Studies Report and Recs        5/9/11                                      Approved      

FS.10.11.036B  IT committee report                                 5/9/11                                      Approved      

                          Recommendation for new listserv  

FS.10.11.037B  Undergraduate Candidates for                5/9/11                                      Approved      

                          May-August Graduation                        

FS.10.11.038B  Graduate Candidates for                         5/9/11                                     Approved      

                          May-August Graduation


FS.10.11.001R       Emergency Appointments              10/25/10                                       Noted

President Miller's Response to the Senate Resolution on Emergency Appointments FS 10.11.001R  

FS.10.11.002R       Resolution on Internships               3/14/11                                         Noted

                          and Independent Studies

President Miller's Response to Senate Resolution FS 10.11.002R Internships and Independent Studies

FS.10.11.003R      Class Action to Save Higher Ed.    4/11/11                                           Noted

FS.10.11.004R      Anti-War Resolution                       4/11/11                                           Noted

FS.10.11.005R      End Harassment of Community     4/11/11                                           Noted


President Miller's Response to Senate Resolution FS 10.11.005R End Harassment of Community Artists