Faculty Senate Bills and Resolutions

2014 – 2015


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Bill Number Description Date of Faculty Senate Action Presidential Action
FS.14.15.001B DEC Exceptions for 2014-15 09/08/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.002B Physics and Earth Science department split 09/08/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.003B Carol A. Ammon School of Arts and Sciences name change 09/08/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.004B Bylaws of the International Education Committee 09/22/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.005B Promotion and Tenure Evaluation and Recommendation Form for Counselors 09/22/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.006B School of Education and Professional Studies reorganization of departments 10/13/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.007B DEC Exceptions for 2014-15 10/13/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.008B Priority Registration for Student Veterans and Service Personnel 10/13/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.009B Central Teacher Education Committee 10/27/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.010B Promotion and Tenure Policy Amendment Proposal 10/27/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.011B October 2014 Curriculum Committee Report 11/10/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.012B Addition of a member to Academic Assessment Committee 11/10/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.013B Department Name Change – Counselor Education and Family Therapy 11/10/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.014B December 2014 Curriculum Committee report 12/08/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.015B Fall 2014 Graduate Studies Committee Report 12/08/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.016B Graduate Studies Committee bylaws 12/08/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.017B Curriculum Committee bylaws 12/08/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.018B Fall 2014 undergraduate candidates for graduation 12/08/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.019B Fall 2014 graduate candidates for graduation 12/08/2014 Approved
FS.14.15.020B Bylaws of the Community Engagement Committee 02/23/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.021B Bylaws of the Council of Academic Chairpersons 02/23/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.022B Bylaws of the Faculty Senate 02/23/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.023B March 2015 Curriculum Committee Report 03/09/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.024B School of Business Admission Requirements 03/09/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.025B Bylaws of the Faculty Senate 03/09/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.026B April 2015 Curriculum Committee Report 04/13/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.027B Committee on Academic Advising Bylaws 04/13/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.028B Promotion and Tenure Committee Bylaws 04/13/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.029B Assessment of General Education 04/27/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.030B Bylaws, Academic Standards Committee 04/27/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.031B Bylaws, Information Technology Committee 04/27/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.032B Bylaws, Sabbatical Leave Committee (AAUP) 04/27/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.033B Bylaws, Grade Appeals Committee 04/27/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.034B Spring 2015 Elections Provisions 04/27/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.035B Academic Misconduct Policy 04/27/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.036B May 2015 Curriculum Committee Report 05/04/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.037B Spring 2015 Graduate Studies Committee Report 05/04/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.038B Excellence in Teaching Committee Bylaws 05/04/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.039B Dance Major Professional Program Admission Requirements 05/04/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.040B Spring/Summer 2015 Undergraduate Candidates for Graduation 05/04/2015 Approved
FS.14.15.041B Spring/Summer 2015 Graduate Candidates for Graduation 05/04/2015 Approved


Resolution Number Description Date of Faculty Senate Action Presidential Action
FS.14.15.001R Financial Aid for Undocumented Students 10/13/2014 Noted
FS.14.15.002R An Academic Imperative for Transform CSCU 2020 10/27/2014 Noted
FS.14.15.003R Endorsement of FAC statement on Transform CSCU 2020 11/24/2014 Noted
FS.14.15.004R (Opposition to) Mandate to increase the number of Friday classes 11/24/2014 Noted
FS.14.15.005R Additional resolution on Friday classes 12/08/2014 Noted
FS.14.15.006R Values and Assumptions Requisite for Transform CSCU 2020 02/11/2015 Noted
FS.14.15.007R Categorization of Transform CSCU 2020 Initiatives 02/11/2015 Noted
FS.14.15.008R Campus of Compassion 04/27/2015 Noted
FS.14.15.009R No Confidence in Transform CSCU 2020 and in President Gray 04/27/2015 Noted, "I disagree with several of the foundational statements"
FS.14.15.010R No Confidence in the Board of Regents 04/27/2015 Noted, "I disagree with several of the foundational statements"