Faculty Senate Bills and Resolutions

2015 – 2016


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Bill Number Description Date of Faculty Senate Action Presidential Action
FS.15.16.001B 2015-16 DEC Exceptions 09/14/2015 Approved
FS.15.16.002B Correction to Bill FS.14.15.034B 09/14/2015 Approved
FS.15.16.003B Additional DEC Exception 09/28/2015 Approved
FS.15.16.004B Participation in Commencement Ceremonies 09/28/2015 Approved
FS.15.16.005B CSCU Pathway Transfer A.A./A.S. Degree 10/12/2015 Noted
FS.15.16.006B Bylaws of the Faculty Senate 10/26/2015 Approved
FS.15.16.007B November 2015 Curriculum Committee Report 11/09/2015 Approved
FS.15.16.008B Bylaws of the Faculty Senate 11/09/2015 Approved
FS.15.16.009B December 2015 Curriculum Committee Report 12/07/2015 Approved
FS.15.16.010B Maximum Number of Undergraduate Online Courses per Semester 12/07/2015 Approved
FS.15.16.011B Fall 2015 Undergraduate Candidates for Graduation 12/07/2015 Approved
FS.15.16.012B Fall 2015 Graduate Candidates for Graduation 12/07/2015 Approved
FS.15.16.013B February 2016 Curriculum Committee Report 02/22/2016 Approved
FS.15.16.014B Admissions Policy, M.S. in Accounting 03/14/2016 Approved
FS.15.16.015B March 2016 Curriculum Committee Report 03/14/2016 Approved
FS.15.16.016B Assessment of General Education 03/14/2016 Approved
FS.15.16.017B April 2016 Curriculum Committee Report 04/04/2016 Approved
FS.15.16.018B Declaration of Major Policy 04/04/2016 Approved
FS.15.16.019B Academic Assessment Policy 04/18/2016 Approved
FS.15.16.020B Spring and Summer 2016 Undergraduate Candidates for Graduation 05/02/2016 Approved
FS.15.16.021B Spring and Summer 2016 Graduate Candidates for Graduation 05/02/2016 Approved
FS.15.16.022B May 2016 Curriculum Committee Report 05/02/2016 Approved
FS.15.16.023B Admission to Athletic Training Education Program 05/02/2016 Approved
FS.15.16.024B Spring 2016 Graduate Studies Committee Report 05/02/2016 Approved
FS.15.16.025B Policy for Online Learning at CCSU 05/02/2016 Approved
FS.15.16.026B Library Committee Bylaws 05/02/2016 Approved
FS.15.16.027B Excellence in Teaching Committee Bylaws 05/02/2016 Approved
FS.15.16.028B Academic Standards Committee Bylaws 05/02/2016 Approved
FS.15.16.029B Guidelines for Documenting Community Engaged Research, Teaching, and Service 05/02/2016 Approved


Resolution Number Description Date of Faculty Senate Action Presidential Action
FS.15.16.001R Campus Equity Week 10/12/2015 Noted
FS.15.16.002R Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence Statement on Syllabi 11/09/2015 Approved
FS.15.16.003R SCSU Faculty Senate Resolution on BOR Contract Proposals 11/23/2015 Noted
FS.15.16.004R Academic Freedom and Trigger Warnings 05/02/2016 Noted
FS.15.16.005R CSCU Academic Provost 05/02/2016 Noted