Catalyst for a Radical Future at CCSU

Because it is a deliberative body, CCSU’s Faculty Senate generally does not instigate short-term, radical change. That fact doesn’t mean the Senate cannot be an instrument of change over stretches of time. Indeed, because its voting members represent constituents likely to remain at CCSU for many years and whose careers are deeply invested in the long-term health of the university, the Senate should establish goals seemingly beyond our reach. Even as the Senate handles the semester-to-semester chores of academic housekeeping, it can set goals and provide support for robust change.

Thus, an important task before the Senate is to be the catalyst for a future much different than the present. To get to that future, we can ill afford to see it as part of a competitive struggle. Instead, we should employ the virtues we value—informed dialogue, civil collaboration, and consistent communication —to ensure CCSU reaches those goals.

To be part of a healthy community, we need to be responsible, even humble, in our contributions. And in order to strengthen each position the Senate takes, we must work to value and accommodate multiple points of view.

In short, if we want to be a highly functional Senate, then we must imagine a radical future at CCSU while maintaining a strong collegial present.