CCSU Faculty Senate

Minutes—October 2, 2000

Founders Hall   3:00 PM

Members Present: Abadiano, Altieri, Austad, Benfield, Best, Braverman, Baratta, Calvert, Carter-Lowery, Chasse, Chen, Conway, Crundwell, Czymik, Fried, Genderon, Halkin, Harmon, Hermes, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Larkin, Larose, Lemaire, Malley, Martin, Martin-Troy, Moran, Perreault, Phillips, Rigazio-Digilio, Rohinsky, Sarisley, Stanley, Stoneback, Talit, Thornton, Walo, Wolff.


Ex-Officio Members Present: V.P Bartelt, Deans Higgins and Miller, E. Demos (Ex. Asst to Pres.), Seider (for Dean Whitford)


Guests: Dr. R Judd, President, P. Petterson (Chair, Curriculum Committee), S.Cox (Chair, Graduate Studies), D. Blitz (Dept.Chair).


Meeting called to order at 3:10 p.m. by President Best in Founders Hall.


I. Approval of Minutes of 9/18/00

Secretary Benfield apologized to the members for the lateness of the agenda and minutes. They had been prepared for distribution the previous Tuesday but had not been received in the Office of the V.P Academic Affairs for distribution until Friday. The reason for the delay was a misunderstanding as to who was to get them to the V.P’s office and this has been clarified. It should not happen again. Sen. Halkin asked for separate e-mail delivery of minutes to all senators. President Best approved.

(Martin-Troy/Wolfe). Passed Unanimously


II Announcements and guests.


Pres. Best introduced Dr. Judd, President of the University. Dr Judd indicated he was present to seek a change in the content of the CCSU mission statement in order to comply with State requirements for approval of the EDD program. He sought both advice and consent to change the mission statement (attached) and that the resultant change be consistent with faculty desires. The words “undergraduate and graduate” will be deleted and “masters” changed to read “master” and hence the mission statement under “Fulfilling the Mission” will read:

“Connecticut State University is, above all else, about teaching students at the baccalaureate level, master and doctoral level consistent with our mission.”

He invited questions:

Sen. Harmon: Inquired as to whether the change can be reversed if the EDD does not obtain State approval.

Dr. Judd: This will probably not be necessary as it stands on its merits but he will keep it under advisement.

Motion to approve the changes to the Mission Statement (Martin-Troy/Carter)

Passed Unanimously

President Best thanked Dr. Judd for his presentation. President Best indicated that a $ 2.8 million bond issue had been approved to fund renovation of Willard and DiLoreto Halls with an adjoining walkway and expressed to President Judd and members his support and delight at such developments for our campus.

AAUP Report. Sen. Austad

Two issues were addressed.

(i)                  A meeting to address Part-time grievances will be held October 10,2000

(ii)                A contract meeting with the administration was held last Thursday. Management came unprepared to negotiate and with no proposals. October 19,2000 has been set as the next meeting date at which time proposals are desired.


III. Elections

Standing Committees –Sen. Braverman

Sen. Braverman indicated nominations had been received and names distributed prior to the meeting. Ballots were available and nominations from the floor now possible and welcomed.

Committee on Committees: No nominations received from the floor.

Moved: (Martin-Troy/Austad) and approved that Secretary cast one vote.

Constitution and By-Laws: No nominations received from the floor.

Moved: (Martin-Troy/Austad) and approved that Secretary cast one vote

Appointments and Personnel: No nominations received from the floor.

Moved: (Martin-Troy/Austad) and approved that Secretary cast one vote


Note: Past-committee members, Sen. Crundwell, Sen. Moran and Sen. Cayer are requested to convene the respective committees.


IV.              Senate Committee Reports-

Graduate Studies Committee

Sen. Moran indicated that this piece of senate business was to clear up outstanding issues wherein the policy committee of the Graduate studies committee had met, deliberated and recommended action but nothing in their deliberations had been ratified by the senate. Background information was provided.

Sen. Moran suggested the following resolution be adopted by the senate:


Whereas: In its fourth recommendation to the Senate in March 1999, The Ad Hoc Committee on Graduate Studies called for the formation of a Graduate Council "capable of serving the interests of the University at large rather than departments" for the purpose of "foster[ing] partnership, ownership and continuity of graduate education"; and ensuring "the importance of strong and active faculty participation in governance, oversight and counsel in the maintenance and growth of the School of Graduate Studies." (see Rationale for Recommendation 4)


Whereas: The Graduate Studies Committee, in consultation with the Ad Hoc Committee on Graduate Studies, has revised its by-laws to regularize the meetings and leadership of the Subcommittee on Policy, thereby increasing its ability to meet the goals of the Ad Hoc Committee, (see attached by-laws revisions) and


Whereas: the Ad Hoc Committee has indicated its agreement with this strategy for meeting its goals (see attached memo from Stephen Cox and James DeLaura to Toni Moran, dated 2/25/00).


Resolved: that, the Senate accepts the by-laws revision proposed by the Graduate Studies Committee as an appropriate implementation of the purposes of Recommendation 4.


Discussion: Sen. Martin-Troy indicated that it seemed all-inclusive, except that it neglected when and where this committee would meet. Sen. Moran indicated that this was not necessary and overly restrictive.


Motion to adopt the resolution: Moran/Martin-Troy

Passed Unanimously

V.         Faculty Standing Committee Reports

There were none.


VI.            Old Business

There was none.


VII.            New Business

Addition of Committee on Computers - Sen. Altieri.


Sen. Altieri presented the following proposal:


That the Senate appoint an ad hoc committee to consider the establishment of a standing committee on information technology. The ad hoc committee should consider the functions and composition of a standing committee on information technology and report to the Senate no later than the meeting of December 4, 2000.


Motion: Senate adopt the proposal (Altieri/Wolfe)


Discussion: Sen. Altieri indicated that this arose out of Sen. Blitz’s remarks last meeting, and specifically there had been an ad hoc committee of this nature last year but it had ceased to exist. When the President vetoed their recommendations, there was no committee to work out the differences. As a result the faculty were left without representation in this area. Other germane points are:


-         The School of Arts and Sciences has had a computer committee since 1985 that addresses faculty concerns. There is no similar campus-wide committee.

-         Communication among faculty is poor. A Listserv has been suggested but it has drawbacks and discussion is not occurring.

-         Computerization of classrooms is occurring but with little or no formal faculty input.

-         We have a web policy but it does not include faculty issues.

-         There is an outstanding issue of interdepartmental communication, on-line courses and indeed the dissemination of Faculty Senate minutes

-         There is no campus wide faculty list


Sen. Martin Troy: Should the Committee on Committee’s not address this?

Sen. Altieri: It is only an ad hoc committee

Sen. Crundwell: What were the President’s objections to the bills from the ad hoc committee?

Sen. Moran: Restrictions on the number of on-line courses

Sen. Walo: What are the logistic issues?

Sen. Benfield: Volume of paperwork

Sen. Fried: A broad base of faculty need to be involved not just computer/technical people.

Sen. Crundwell: This will be a faculty ad hoc committee NOT a technical group.

Sen. Moran: If this committee is to be a standing committee it will require a changing of the by-laws and this requires 7 days notice.


Question called by Pres. Best: Passed.

One dissenting vote


VIII Adjournment

Motion (Baretta/Crundwell)

Passed unanimously


Next Meeting October 16, 2000 at 3.00 p.m.




Respectfully submitted by Secretary Benfield.