CCSU Faculty Senate

Minutes—December 17, 2001

VAC 105  3:00 PM

Members Present: Abadiano, Altieri, Benfield, Brann, Braverman, Calvert, Capatao, Carter-Lowery, Chasse, Cohen, Conway, Crundwell, Czymik, Garcia, Halkin, Hermes, Jones, Kim, Lapuerta, Lefebvre, Lemaire, O’Connell, Odesina, Osterrich, Pudlinski, Rodrigues, Sarisley, Terezakis, Ulrich, Williams, Wolff.


Ex-Officio: Deans Miller, Whitford, & Kremens,

Guests: Dick McCallum, Academic affairs and Paul Petterson Chair Curriculum Committee.


I.          Approval of Minutes of 12/03/01


Sen. Altieri noted that some grammatical errors and errors of omission in the draft had been corrected and the web version is up-to-date.

Motion to approve: Wolff/Carter-Lowry


 II.        Announcements

a.     AAUP Report. Sen. Terezakis for Sen. Austad.


Summarized AAUP activities since the last faculty senate meeting:


1) A contingency of faculty from each of the four campuses attended the BOT meeting in Hartford as observers on December 8th.  We were a noticeable presence and reminder of our resolve to encourage them to maintain the cap on part time instruction. At the conclusion of public business, the BOT went into Executive Session with our four campus Presidents to discuss contract negotiations, so we are not privy to know what was said. The next BOT meeting is scheduled for February 1st at 10:00 AM.  If you would like to attend, please let us know.  The room is small so only 3-4 people from each campus can really fit into the space.


2) Each of the four campuses is circulating a brochure to explaining the current situation regarding the part time cap and a letter to students to send to those people whose decision-making is relevant to our part time cap. It is the week of finals so we don't expect a tremendous response this week.  We will go full force in the beginning of the semester since educating our students and the public is so important.


Some have inquired, "Is it ethical to ask students to be involved in faculty labor concerns?”  Please, remember, this is an issue that has to do with QUALITY EDUCATION---THEIR EDUCATION.  Every student and parent who pays tuition and taxes needs to be concerned!


3) The following letter has been written by the four local campus AAUP Presidents (Eastern, Western, Southern, and Central) and been sent to all members of the BOT, Chancellor Cibes, the University Presidents, and Robert Frahm of the Hartford Courant.


4) We will be working over Christmas break and will report on developments at the next meeting.  Please watch your e-mails over break.  Keep in contact. Have a great Holiday!


Dr Harmon then read the text of a letter sent by Sen. Austad to the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Lawrence McHugh (Copy at the end of minutes):


III.       Elections

                        There was no elections business           


IV.       Senate Committee Reports


a.     Curriculum Committee. Paul Petterson


Report of Curriculum Committee with editorial changes suggested at the meeting is attached:

Motion to approve: Wolff/Crundwell


V.         Old Business

There was no old business

VI.       New Business

                        There was no new business

VII       Adjournment

                        Motion to adjourn: Wolff/Crundwell


Meeting adjourned at 3.35 p.m.


The next meeting is on Monday February 4, 2002 @ 3.00 p.m. in Vance 105



December 14, 2001


Mr. Lawrence McHugh

Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce

393 Main Street

Middletown, CT  06457


Dear Mr. McHugh:


We would like to correct a misperception that occurred at the BOT open forum with faculty and staff on November 8th at Central Connecticut State University. Chairman McHugh quoted a statistic from The Hartford Courant, which we believe to be in error. The Hartford Courant stated that the actual Part-time Percentage for the CSU System was at 20%. Some faculty stated that this percentage was in error and that part-time faculty actually teach more than 20% of the courses at each university.


Based on Faculty Workload Reports, we calculate the actual percentage of instructional load credit taught by part-time faculty for the 2000-2001 Academic year are as follows:


CCSU 28.60%

ECSU  32.00%

SCSU              36.20%

WCSU            29.00% – 30.00%


To quote Mark Twain, “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics” applies. We want to point out that the way in which these statistics are calculated pursuant to the formula in the Collective Bargaining Agreement do not give a totally accurate picture. Article 10.8.4 states; “Part-time percentage for a particular university shall be computed by multiplying by one hundred (100) all load credits earned by part-time members (excluding all part-time credits attributable to sabbatical leave, sick leave, retraining coverage and research load credit) divided by the aggregate faculty load credits for the particular university based upon the date for the particular academic year.” Part-time faculty are teaching even more courses and students than these numbers indicate. The percentage calculated by the formula in Article 10.8.4 underreports the actual percentage. Stated another way, when a CSU student enters the classroom, he or she has nearly a one-third chance of being taught by a part-time faculty member.
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December 14, 2001

Trustees Letter


Is it really quality education to have so many courses taught by faculty members who are treated as second-class citizens? They have no office, no office hours, and no phone, serve on no committees and are not treated as full members of the University community. They receive substandard wages, no benefits, and have no guarantee of continued appointment.


Again, for the sake of our students and quality education in Connecticut, we ask that you reconsider your stance and stop your efforts to remove the part-time cap both at the State Labor Board and in contract negotiations/arbitration.


Sincerely yours,


Original signed by Carol Austad


Carol Shaw Austad, CCSU-AAUP Chapter President

John Kavanagh, SCSU-AAUP Chapter President

Ross Koning, ECSU-AAUP Chapter President

Katy Wiss, WCSU-AAUP Chapter President




Cc:       Chancellor William Cibes

            University Presidents

            Robert Frahm, Hartford Courant

            CSU Faculty