CCSU Faculty Senate

Minutes—March 18, 2002

VAC 105  3:00 PM

Members Present: Abadiano, Altieri, Austad, Baratta, Benfield, Best, Brann, Braverman, Calvert, Capitao, Carter-Lowry, Cassdella, Conway, Crundwell, Garcia, Halkin, Halloran, Hedlund, Jones, Kurkjian, Lapuerta, Larkin, Larose, Leake, Lefebre, Lemaire, Martin, Martin-Troy, Mezvinsky, Odesina, O’Connell, Osterrich, Phillips, Prescott, Ribchinsky, Ritzenhoff, Sarisley, Stoneback, Terezakis, Thornton, Wolffe, Ulrich, Williams.


Ex‑Officio Members Present: Senior V.P Demos, Deans Miller and Kremens,


Guests: Paul Petterson Chair Curriculum Committee, Joe Gallucci Asst. Dean. School Ed.


Meeting was called to order by President Best at 3.10 p.m. in Vance 105.


I.                    Approval of Minutes of 03/04/02


Motion to accept.


Carried Unanimously


II.                 Announcements


a.       AAUP Report. Sen. Austad


Sen. Austad:


Last week negotiations were concluded with a tentative contract agreement reached. A ballot has gone out to all faculty and faculty are asked to ratify or not the proposed changes to the existing contract. Returned ballots are due March 28.

On Wednesday March 20 in Copernicus Rm 231 there is an open meeting for all members to address questions and concerns.


III.               Elections


Sen. Braverman indicated nominations have been received for all vacancies and the election can go forth for April 15 for the slates that will be presented. Further nominations from the floor can still be made at this time.

Sen. Halkin: Choice is GOOD and thus she encourages everyone to solicit nominations, preferably with the nominees knowledge.

Sen. Halkin also noted that members of Senate Committees should also consider extending their service into the following year for continuity of representation.


IV.              Senate Committee Reports


a. Curriculum Committee Report. Paul Petterson

The report had been attached and was straightforward. Paul did note that

The Curriculum Committee considered a bylaws revision to give the Graduate Studies Curriculum more authority over graduate curriculum matters. The proposed revision was defeated: 3 in support, 25 against, 5 abstentions.

Sen. Jones: What was the point of the vote on by-laws revision?

Paul Petterson: The proposal would have given the Graduate Studies

Committee, rather than the Curriculum Committee, the controlling vote on

graduate curriculum recommendations.


Motion to Accept Curriculum Committee Report (Wolff/Austad)



NOTE: In these minutes and subsequent minutes, the approved curriculum Committee report may be found on the Curriculum Committee web site, and this site will constitute the official record.


V.                 Old Business


There was no old business


VI.              New Business


There was no new business


VII.            Adjournment

Motion to adjourn


Carried Unanimously

The meeting adjourned at 3.25. p.m.

In view of the upcoming spring break, the absence of members during that time and the immediacy of our scheduled first meeting in April,

The next meeting of the Faculty Senate will be April 15 at 3.00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted

Richard W. Benfield

Faculty Senate Secretary