CCSU Faculty Senate

Minutes—October 15, 2001

VAC 105  3:00 PM

 Members Present: Abadiano, Altieri, Austad, Baratta, Benfield, Best, Blatz, Blitz, Brann, Braverman, Calvert, Capitao, Chasse, Cohen, Conway, Crundwell, Cueto, Flood, Fried, Garcia, Halkin, Halloran, Hermes, Johnson, Jones, Kim, Kjell, Kurkjian, Larose, Leake, Lemaire, Martin-Troy, Odesina, O’Connell, Osterreich, Phillips, Ritzenhoff, Sarisley, Stawicki, Thornton, Terezakis, Ulrich, Wolff.


Ex‑Officio Members Present: V.P and Provost Bartelt, Deans Whitford, Miller, (who had someone sign for him), Lemma (who provided original signature), Higgins and Dick McCallum, Associate VP for Administrative Affairs


Guests: Chris Pudlinski for Curriculum Committee.


Meeting was called to order by President Best at 3.10 p.m. in Vance 105.


I. Approval of Minutes of 10/01/01


Secretary Benfield indicated a number of corrections had been requested and he agreed all were appropriate. They were:

·         2.c Sen. Crundwell: Filled it out on the basis of the one occasion …

·         2.c Dr Terezakis (caps)

·         2.c. the President (caps)

·         2.e Should read Committees (no apostrophe)

·         Omit …and thus did not include part timers as part timers are indeed members of AAUP

·         Sen. Blitz: Pointed out in the survey

·         V. a. Should read:… the issue raised by Sen. Crundwell was …

·         Reference should be made in the minutes to the location of the appended resolution


The minutes of Sept 17 on the web will be modified to reflect these changes


Motion to accept with changes


Carried unanimously

 II. Announcements

a. AAUP Report. Sen. Austad

Nothing new to report. The Board of Trustees petition to remove the Part-Timers cap out of the bargaining has been received. (Rev. 11-5-01)


b. Sen. Ritzenhoff

Brought to the attention of the senate an evening of music and dance with the provocative title of: “ “It feels so good it hurts so bad”- Love, Passion, Death and Life in the Renaissance” This salacious (?) evening will be Monday October 23 in Founders at 7.30 p.m. The West European Area studies Committee, The Modern Languages and History Departments and the Honors program sponsor it. All welcome …even those who expected Country and Western Music by the Title.


c. Board of Trustees Report. Sen. Abadiano


Report was verbally highlighted by Sen. Abadiano and is attached at end of minutes.

Sen. Blitz: Is the issue of part-timers/Full timers ever discussed at these meetings?

Provost Bartelt: These issues are usually dealt with in camera.

Sen. Halkin: Did they not mention the hiring freeze?

Provost Bartelt: The freeze is not system-wide but a freeze implemented by our President/university

Sen. Halkin: What is the issue of “Back pay to maintainers”

Provost Bartelt: Not sure what this is.

Sen. Crundwell: What is covered in the announcement from President Judd by “essential travel”?

Provost Bartelt: Easier to reference what is NOT affected and that is the AAUP- negotiated faculty travel, the V.P -allocated funds (from her budget) and bond money. None of these funding sources are affected.


III. Elections

a.       Change in numbers on P & T committee


President Best indicated there are no new elections and the senate is looking at the make up of this committee but members will remember that in the elections of may 15 there was no representative from the College of Technology. Hence there is a need for a twelfth member to join the committee this year.

Sen. Braverman then indicated that in consultation with Attorney Deane and because the rules for Promotion and Tenure FS-88-55-B state in 2. e. "Where an academic school would be denied committee representation, the University President and the Faculty Senate President shall jointly select an alternate from that school's nominees" and it does not say substitute, we can add a twelfth member to the committee for this year only to secure representation from each academic school.


Motion to add twelfth member to the P & T committee


Passed unanimously


 IV. Senate Committee Reports

                                    a.      Curriculum Committee. Chris Pudlinski

Motion to accept the Curriculum Committee report for October 3 Items 1 & III Only


Passed Unanimously

Item II

        Motion to accept the Curriculum Committee report for October 3 Item II (Pudlinski/Cueto)

Sen. Martin-Troy: the problem is that the Curriculum Committee is not the place for setting GPA admissions, indeed a student may have a history of poor performance in History but have many talents for graphic design, but entry would be denied as a result of a low GPA.

Sen. Pudlinski: But a GPA standard is already a requirement for many courses.
Sen. Thornton: The problem is large number of students who demand admission but they have limited resources and indeed often are not ready for the rigors of design.

Sen. Martin-Troy; Can you not do it at the interview/admission stage?
Sen. Leake: GPA is used a lot and she can testify that it alone stops talented candidates and who may have the requisite skills. The GPA standard is already applied in the admissions office.

Sen. Baretta: Can you not institute special studies or a  “Pre-Design” program?
Sen. Thornton: Not really, given the number of credits/hours available; at this point a student needs 9 credits of course work at CCSU and DES 222 (a design related credit) and you are “in” the program and will be advised as a pre-Graphic design/information design major. Moreover a GPA of 2.5 is recommended at this stage. The issue is space and time available to complete the degree and a requirement addresses this problem.

Sen. Halloran: Can we obtain clarification/review by the full department and thus defer a decision?

The motion was withdrawn and the item referred back to the Curriculum Committee


V. Old Business


Academic Honesty policy

Sen. Moran indicated there were still some finer points that needed to be addressed and with the work of Tom Clark the re-working is possible and a policy will be here for the next meeting. The most difficult point is the provision for a mid-semester appeal.

Sen. Wolfe: To whom?

Sen. Moran: The Chair

Sen. Lemaire: Can we get the policy before the next meeting?

Sen. Moran: I will send to the faculty senate secretary before Friday and if the idiot can figure out the e mail attachments system it will be attached to the next agenda.


VI. New Business


VII Adjournment


Motion to adjourn


Carried Unanimously

The meeting adjourned at 3.40. p.m.

Next Meeting is November 5 at 3.00 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted

Richard W. Benfield

Faculty Senate Secretary