CCSU Faculty Senate

Minutes—September 17, 2001

VAC 105  3:00 PM

Members Present: Abadiano, Altieri, Austad, Baratta, Benfield, Best, Blatz, Blitz, Brann, Braverman, Calvert, Capitao, Cayer, Carter-Lowery, Cohen, Conway, Crundwell, Cueto, Czymik, Flood, Fried, Garcia, Gilmore, Halkin, Hicks, Johnson, Jones, Kaplan, Kim, Kurkjian, Lapuerta, Larose, Leake, Lefebvre, Lemaire, Martin, Martin-Troy, Moran, Myers, O’Connell, Osterreich, Phillips, Ritzenhoff, Rodrigues, Stanley, Stoneback, Terezakis, Wallach, Wolff.


Ex‑Officio Members Present: V.P and Provost Bartelt, Deans Whitford, Miller, Lemma, Higgins and Kremens, E. Demos (Senior V.P.), L. Deane (Univ. Council).


Guests: Paul Petterson, (Chair, Curriculum Committee), Chief of Police/Public safety Jason Powell, Associate V.P Academic Affairs, Dick McCallum, Richard Bachoo VP Administrative Affairs.

Meeting was called to order by President Best at 3.12 p.m. in Vance 105.


All members, in remembrance of those killed in the September 11 attack on the United States and their grieving families and friends, observed a minute of silence.

We will not forget them


1. Approval of Minutes of 05/07/01


Motion to accept.


Carried Unanimously 

II.                 Announcements


Secretary Benfield indicated that there were a number of new/replacement members. They should indicate on the sign in sheet that they are new and to check the web site soon to ensure they are recorded correctly. This information will be also communicated to Ms. Wilton in the Presidents office.


a.       AAUP Report. Sen. Austad


As the attached issue of Table talk indicated, negotiations are at an impasse. There are essentially two issues:

1. A reduced teaching load for faculty. On this issue management appear to be intractable and are essentially saying “no”.

2.Management wishes to eliminate the part-time cap. Today this is approximately 20% but would have no upper limit if management prevails. Thus the union comes before the senate to support the attached resolution:


Sen. Martin-Troy: Did the senate not previously send part 1 of the resolution to the Chancellor and BOT?

All: General agreement that indeed it had been sent.

Sen. Halkin desired modification of resolution to say “…receive FEW (formerly “no”) benefits.

Sen. Halkin: Also some grammatical errors. These were noted by the secretary and Sen. Austad and correction will be made in the resolution

Sen. Crundwell: What % of release time is currently refused? Is this figure available? He suspects most requests are honored.

Sen. Martin-Troy: This is so

Sen. Halkin. Not in her Department!

Sen. Crundwell: Does “release time” include “administrative” release time?

Sen. Austad: there are two types by contract, one for administrative type work and another for research. Otherwise a distinction is neither made nor necessary.

Sen. Blitz: Did the senate also not vote earlier on #2? …(General agreement) and if so this is consistent # 3 and #1 and should be supported.

Sen. Fried: In considering this issue, the problem of increased enrollments/pressure for class size and the lack of space this brings should have a bearing on number of part-timers in the system.

Sen. Benfield: There are some further grammatical errors to be corrected (insert hyphen’s, remove = from original draft replace with apostrophe)

Motion that the following resolution be adopted and sent to the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees:


Resolution of Central Connecticut State University Faculty Senate

To the Connecticut State University Board of Trustees and Chancellor

We, The Faculty Senate of Central Connecticut State University, ask the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor of Connecticut State University, to support us in providing the highest quality education to the residents of our State. The CCSU Mission Statement asserts that Central Connecticut State University is to be Connecticut’s premier learner-centered public university and to apply knowledge to better the human condition. The BOT has strongly encouraged the growth of our student body, directing each campus to expand by approximately 2 percent yearly. In order to fulfill these objectives, we need reassurance and commitment from you that you will provide us with the resources necessary to accomplish our duties. Speaking as a faculty devoted to the educational excellence of our undergraduate and graduate students and the public good, we are specifically asking the BOT and the Chancellor to do the following:


1. Support the creation of more full-time tenure track faculty positions at CCSU. We are concerned about the growing trend to reduce the number of full-time faculty and to increase the number of part-time faculty. The importance of the role of full-time faculty in teaching, research, and service in structuring the curriculum, keeping current in one’s academic field, and meeting the mission of the University, can not be understated. Only an actively engaged full- time faculty can devote the time and energy needed to design, develop, and update the curriculum as well as advise and guide students appropriately.


2. Support the current 20% cap or limitation on the percentage of part-time to full-time faculty. For over 20 years, the BOT and the faculty have agreed that provision in our contract has served as the foundation for sound educational principles. We hire part-time faculty to provide instructional expertise unavailable elsewhere and to accommodate unanticipated student demand and emergencies. Eliminating or increasing the cap will impose even more difficult conditions on full-time faculty. Since full-time faculty perform the support work for part-time faculty (advising students, serving on committees, caring for the curriculum, etc) increasing the number of part-time faculty will further reduce the time available for scholarly academic endeavors and will impair our ability to contribute to community work. The quality of education at our institution will suffer, thus, hurting our students. We are very concerned that the motivation underlying the trend to hire part-time faculty is based upon economic rather than educational principles. Part- time faculty are treated like second-class citizens or itinerant workers. They are paid substandard wages, receive few benefits, and are given inadequate resources such as insufficient office space, phone access, or computer use needed to teach our students

3. Support a modification of our workload so that faculty are able to devote a guaranteed portion (ideally 25%) of their workload to scholarly and creative activity. As our institution matures, grows and offers Doctoral level programs, its faculty must be supported in their professional obligations to stay current with their disciplines and contribute to them.


Thank you for your attention to this matter. 



One vote against: Sen. Martin-Troy


b.       Information Technology Committee. Sen. Altieri


Sen. Altieri indicated that the committee was in place and their first meeting was to be this Friday. All should have received an agenda and the work will proceed apace.


a.       Parking Issues. Richard Bachoo

Addressing a topic near and dear to the hearts of all faculty and with commendable bravery (notwithstanding the presence of Chief of Police Powell), Richard Bachoo addressed the topic of parking. He noted, as a result of the consultant studies, three problems/patterns to address:

(i)                  Take the circling around campus/lots out of the system

(ii)                Lower the stress level, particularly the potential (and actual) incidents of violence and create a situation where public safety vehicles (fire and police) can access all areas and

(iii)               Dispel the myth that “I must have a parking spot immediately adjacent to my building”. He bravely challenged faculty to indicate a time when they did NOT find a parking spot. Amidst a sea of red faces there was not one faculty member who could claim to have at least once failed to find a spot.

In order to make this claim (and address the three issues above) he noted that the garage has been returned to faculty (cheers and much warmth toward him), Kaiser had been expanded and students were now permitted in Welte and Barnard.

In essence the parking spots are there. In closing he noted the envy and puzzlement of the University of Georgia who raise $ 700,000 from parking and who see parking as a revenue source.

Sen. Abadiano: Why close Welte?

Mr. Bachoo: We lost 200 student spaces and this was needed for relief.

Sen. Fried: These measures are great but are the new rules being enforced?

Mr. Bachoo: Hiring a parking manager is being considered.

Sen. Austad: As Mr. Bachoo noted there are plans to gate some of the parking-when will this be?

Dick McCallum: Probably the Faculty garage /Vance but this is a more medium range measure.

Sen. Hicks: The problem is often not getting in but getting out! I.e. dueling parkers have blocked her in on occasion.

Bachoo: Color-coding of the lots, again over the long term may alleviate this situation.

Chief Powell indicated that he had a handout that summarizes the parking situation as of today. It is attached to the end of these minutes.


III.               Elections Sen. Braverman

Sen. Braverman indicated that elections must be held for a number of positions. She proposed electing existing slates for which names distributed on a hand out. However nominations from the floor now possible and welcomed.


a.                 Executive

As the positions of President and Vice-President are two-year terms both President Best and Sen. Abadiano were confirmed to serve their second term. The position of secretary has no such time period. However in a rigged election that would have done the former Soviet Union proud, Secretary Benfield was re-elected, Sen. Martin-Troy closing the nominations less than a second after their request from the floor.

Motion to approve Secretary Benfield for one more year

Approved Unanimously

b.                 Senate Elections Committee

No nominations received from the floor.

Moved existing committee: (Martin-Troy/Austad) and approved that Secretary cast one vote


c.                 Committee on Committee’s

No nominations received from the floor.

Moved existing committee: (Martin-Troy/Austad) and approved that Secretary cast one vote.

d.                 Constitution and By-Laws

No nominations received from the floor.

Moved Toni Moran be reappointed: (Martin-Troy/Austad) and approved that Secretary cast one vote


e.                 Distinguished Service Committee

Ms. Drina Lynch has served her full term but there is need for one administrator to serve on this committee, President is desirous of Ms Lynch continuing and Ms. Lynch is willing.

Moved by-laws be suspended and that Ms Drina Lynch be

re-appointed to this committee for a further two years

(Martin-Troy/Austad) and approved that Secretary cast one vote


f.                  University Athletic Board

Sen. Martin –Troy has resigned that position. By the by-laws the next person on the committee be appointed, that person being Paul Resitarits (Technology)


Moved Prof. Resitarits be appointed:

(Martin-Troy/Austad) and approved that Secretary cast one vote


g.                 Promotion and Tenure committee

In the recent election no members from the School of Technology were elected. This raises serious issues as to the need for P & T candidates to have some representation through departmental/school colleagues on the committee. However as President Best and Sen. Braverman pointed out the election was fair, there was a candidate from Technology but this person was not elected. Thus issues of proportional representation and weighted Ballots must be considered to get fair representation.

Sen. Blitz concurred indicating that this appeared unfair and as the P & T committee was already doing its work it should be addressed and possibly rectified immediately.

Sen. Rodriguez questioned whether the by laws required such representation

President Best: No…but this was of concern to him. Thus he proposed to refer the matter to the Committee on Committee’s for early consideration and bring forth recommendations.

Note: Chairmen of these committees are noted by an asterisk on the list of committee members (You get the job because of the early alphabetical listing of your name-blame your parents) and are requested to convene their respective committees.


IV.              Senate Committee Reports


a.       Curriculum Committee Paul Petterson

Introduced himself, indicated that the process for curriculum change was on the website but he was also prepared to discuss changes with individuals at any time. Senate will see him on a regular basis as the semester progresses. 


V.                 Old Business


a. Secretary Benfield indicated that the President had vetoed FS-01-6-B the Academic Honesty Policy change. However in the letter of veto and in subsequent conversations it is requested that the architects of the policy meet with the administration (particularly Judicial Officer Thomas Clark) to amend the proposal. Accordingly the executive recommends that the group who produced the policy be re-convened to work on the amendment.

General Consensus that the group reconvene under the chair of Sen. Moran.

Members will therefore be:

Emily Chasse

James Conway

Jane Fried

John Harmon

Virginia Jones

Antonia Moran

Paul Petterson

Matthew Warschauer


b. President Best reminded faculty that in May he had received a letter from other faculties’ senate of the CSU system regarding support for the provision of a day off in fall semesters. The Presidents in his reply indicated that the Board of Trustees had approved the calendar for the next two years. However the President will bring it before the President during the informal meetings to explore if this is viable. He will also communicate this to the other CSU Faculties Senate. 


VI.              New Business


a.       Resolution: Part-Time Faculty. Sen. Jones. (Attached)


Sen. Jones introduced two resolutions concerning campus equity week, and referred to the websites given for more information.

Sen. Halkin: Questioned whether a tent was the best meeting place.

Sen. Jones: It beats many of the existing options!

Motion to support resolution one (Jones/Wolff)

Carried Unanimously


There were questions regarding the wording of the second resolution particularly whether part-time faculty “conduct research”. The wording was thus too loose.

Sen. Jones indicated that the resolution was specifically a Fair Labor Code of Conduct from a consortium of interests and therefore needed support in its entirety and without modification. She agreed not to present a motion related to resolution #2 and would revisit it with the Senate at a future date.


VII.            Other business


There was none

VIII Adjournment

Motion to adjourn


Carried Unanimously

The meeting adjourned at 4.10. p.m.

Next Meeting is October 1 at 3.00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Richard W. Benfield

Faculty Senate Secretary


What population is being served by our parking facilities?

The University has roughly 5078 parking spaces on campus. These parking spaces serve the following populations (Nov. 2000):

Full time faculty




Adjunct faculty


Full time students


Part time students




While over 1,100 of these spaces are currently reserved exclusively for use by faculty and staff, all of our parking facilities (except for reserved spaces) are available for their use.

What progress is being

made in solving

parking problems?

At the direction of the president, the chief administrative officer is coordinating an ongoing effort that involves facilities management, public safety, and the consulting firm Desman Associates. Our focus is not only the current crop of parking problems, but also long-term solutions that will benefit the entire campus. Solutions proposed last year and updated since that time fall into four (4) categories.


Ø      Vance Garage – (Completed)

Ø      Reopening of Willard/DiLoreto Lot – (Completed)

Ø      D.O.T. Lot on East St. – (Completed)

Ø      Access Ramp from North Garage to Ella Grasso Blvd. – (Completed)

Ø      New Garages – (Planning Stage)

Ø      Color Code / Alphabetize Lots - (Planned)

Ø      Gated Entry to Vance – (Planned)

Ø      Security Cameras – (Ongoing)

Ø      Off-Campus Parking

o        West Farms – available

o        Barbour Road – temporarily available


Ø      Best Practices Review – (Ongoing)

Ø      On-line Permit Registration Each Semester – (Under Consideration)

Ø      Electronic Citations – (Under Consideration)

Ø      Campus Shuttle – (Done)

Ø      Shuttle Parking at Stop & Shop – (Done)

Ø      Parking Information Web Site – (Planning Stage)

Ø      Student Patrol – for Escorts & Garage Security – (Implementation Stage)


Ø      Vance Garage for Faculty/Staff Only – (Done)

Ø      Welte Lot for Students, Faculty & Staff – (Done)

Ø      Manafort Lot for Students, Faculty & Staff – (Under Consideration)

Ø      Restrictions on Residence Hall Student Parking – (Under Consideration)


Parking is an art, not a science.


Dean Coogan, Desman Associates