CCSU Faculty Senate

Minutes—October 7, 2002

VAC 105  3:00 PM

Members Present:

Abadiano, Altieri, Austad, Benfield, Blatz, Blitz, Brann, Braverman, Capitao, Carter-Lowery, Casella, Conway, Crundwell, Dimmick, Dowty, Duquette, Fried, Gallagher, Gilmore, Gotchev, Halkin, Halloran, Hedlund, Hensley, Hicks, Johnson, Kaplan, Kim, Knox, Kurkjian, Lapuerta, Lemaire, Martin, Martin-Troy, Mezvinsky, Mueller, O’Connell, Petkova, Sarisley, Schindelman, Sevitch, Taylor, Terezakis, Thornton, Wolff.


Ex Officio Members: Provost Bartelt, Snr V.P Demos, Deans Whitford, Pease, Lemma.



Dr Richard Judd President CCSU.

Chris Pudlinski Chair, Curriculum Committee.



Vice-President Abadiano opened the meeting at 3.05

…With apologies from President Best who was out of state on personal business.



  1. Approval of Minutes of 09/23/02


Secretary Benfield presented three points for consideration by the senate based on responses to the previous minutes:

(i)                  Some Senator’s names were missing from the previous minutes. Occasionally they are missed in the transcription and he sincerely apologizes for any such omission.

(ii)                In the event of misquoting or attributing items to a senator when such quotes are unclear, inaccurate or do not clearly communicate the senators intent, both in the draft stage and in the adoption process, changes can and will be made and have historically been ratified and senators are encouraged to make these valuable changes.

(iii)               The language used in the denial of the point of order at the previous meeting came from Dr Judd who is a recognized authority on Robert’s Rules and senate should be aware of this prior to voting.


Motion to approve Minutes of 09/23/02 Martin-Troy/Halkin



  1. Announcements


a.                               President Best has appointed Sen. Blitz as the Senate Parliamentarian for the duration of this academic year. Senator Blitz takes up his post immediately.


b.                               AAUP Report. Sen. Austad


The Connecticut lobbying Conference is to be held this Thursday. All departments are encouraged to send at least one representative


  1. Elections:


Sen. Braverman indicated Renee White (Sociology) had been placed on the Budget and Planning Committee as she received the most votes in the election prior to the vacancy becoming available.

The School of Technology has yet to appoint a representative to the Grants Advisory committee. She will advise Senate once this has occurred.


  1. Senate Committee Reports


a.       Curriculum Committee. Chris Pudlinski


Dr Pudlinski presented the Curriculum Committee report along with a demonstration of how individuals and departments can check on the status of any Curr. Comm. Changes. This is available at: and by following the link to submissions.


Motion to accept Curriculum Committee Report Martin-Troy/Carter- Lowery



…But with a surprising “Wha Hoo for Forensic Chemistry” from Sen. Hicks

Senators were left to puzzle over this strange personal interest


b.       Information Technology Committee Sen. Altieri


Sen. Altieri presented four major issues from the recent (Oct 4) meeting of the committee:


(i)                  Web DAV is now available to students

(ii)                The “Campus Pipeline” system is well underway.

It will provide targeted access to different populations in the university including and based on registration log in. Beta testing will begin in November, and the system is expected to be in full operation in the spring. Once in operation it will allow users to access many of the same resources over the Internet that they now can reach only on campus.

(iii)               Wireless technology is coming to campus. Essentially the Internet without the wire. It will allow notebook computer users to access the Internet and campus resources from a number of places on the campus. Locations include the Marcus White Microcomputer Lab, the Library, Student Center (coffee shop), Copernicus Rm 227, Computer Science Dept, and the Vance Lawn. 


…And finally as a reminder for those not on our (Senate) list serve they can get on by sending a blank email to :


  1. Unfinished Business


Vice-President Abadiano indicated that as debate on this item was expected to be long and extensive she would limit the debate to 15 minutes and give each presenter one minute to speak. Furthermore in the light of the detailed and subtle nature of the topic the secretary would NOT record presentations but would introduce them into the minutes if a written copy of the persons remarks were delivered to the secretary before Wednesday at 4.00 p.m. Dr Mezvinsky subsequently submitted a written document and it may be found as an attachment at:


Senator Sevitch rose to appeal the decision to limit debate suggesting this was unfair and unnecessary.

Motion to limit debate to twenty minutes (Hicks/Wolff).

Speaking against the motion Sen. Sevitch indicated that this debate was possibly the most important to come before Senate for a long time and indeed possibly for the future. Limiting debate was contrary to this degree of importance and while he recognized that Senate could not debate forever, one hour would seem reasonable.

Vice-President Abadiano requested of the parliamentarian if limitation was indeed constitutional and she ruled the debate should go on given a motion addressing that issue was on the floor.

Question was called:

16 For

12 Against

Motion FAILED as 2/3 majority needed

Sen. Blitz then led off the discussion on the Notice of Motion introduced by Sen. Blitz on September 23, 2002 (Full motion available on previous minutes)


 Motion (Crundwell/Halloran) to Amend the Motion by:

Striking the 1 st paragraph,

Deleting the words “political or religious” and

Deleting the words “concerning the charges against the Middle East Institute”.

Motion (Dimmick/Martin-Troy) to Amend the Amendment by:

Unstriking the first paragraph

Question called on the Dimmick motion

9 For

22 Against

Motion to Amend DEFEATED


Question called on Crundwell amendment

20 for

16 against



Motion to accept (Martin-Troy/ Fried)

Friendly amendment accepted that would change wording to say “This involves” instead of “may”

Question called on the Motion (presented following for clarity)


Academic freedom fosters an environment where all faculty, students, and administrators respect the dignity of others, defend intellectual honesty, freedom of inquiry and instruction, and acknowledge the right to express different opinions.


Senate notes that academic freedom involves the principle that faculty determine the content of their courses based upon their scholarship and expertise. This may involve consultation with other faculty, students, and administrators.


However, the principle precludes interference by groups outside the University who claim to determine what is fair or unfair, according to their preferences. On the other hand, this principle does not preclude participation by such groups at public forums and other public venues sponsored by the university.


The Senate further commends CCSU President Richard L. Judd for dealing professionally in defense of academic freedom.

30 For

2 Against



(b)    The ad hoc committee on Academic Integrity-Booklet Prof. Moran


Committee Chair Moran indicated that there were minor issues of imagery choice to be addressed and typographical and grammatical changes and the addition of a bibliography to be made but senate could approve with these minor technical issues still to be made.

Sen. Dimmick wanted to know if this were just an undergraduate policy.

Dean Lemma rose to note that it was indeed undergraduate only and that the Graduate policy was on the web site.

A number of senators were curious as to why it could not be delayed to get a more complete document to the committee (with suggested revisions) and then ask for a vote of the senate.

Provost Bartelt rose to indicate that there were still inconsistencies between the policy and other official documents and while these might be addressed during the later, Presidential approval phases, the existence of inconsistencies should be noted.

Motion to table Academic Integrity-Booklet approval (Martin-Troy/Wolff)

26 For

2 against

2 abstentions



  1. New Business


There was none.


  1. Adjournment


Motion to adjourn




The Senate adjourned at 4.25 p.m


Respectfully submitted

Richard Benfield


Faculty Senate