CCSU Faculty Senate

Minutes—March 15, 2004

VAC 105  3:00 PM

Attendance:      Adams; Austad, Best, Barile, Barrington, Beyard, Benfield, Braverman, Carter, Cayer, Crundwell, Czyrnik, Deloy, Duquette, Gallagher, Kurkjian, Emeagwali, Foster, Fried, Gilmore, Gotchev, Gould, Halkin, Hedlund, Hensley, Kleinert, Knox, Lapuerto, Leake,  Lee-Partredge, Machuga,  Marlor, Martin, Martin-Troy, Mueller, Mulcahey, Murphy, O’Connell, Odesina, Oliva, Papathanasus,  Pevac, Pirog, Prescott, Pudlinski, Rivera,  Sadanand, Salinas, Sevitch, Sarisley, Schindelman, Shankar, Sweeney, Terezakis, Thornton, Ulrich,  Williams, Walo, Wolynska


ExOfficio: Arends, Kleinert, Kremens, Lemma, Pease, Root, Whitford



Guests: Petterson, Medeiros, McLaughlin, Jones, Aaronsohn, Mejiav, Malinowski, Matulewicz, Greatorex, Warshauer, Mezvinsky, Fisher, Magnosn, Donovan, Leahy, Reed, Mendyea, Valk, Gordon, Wallach, Klein, Hager, Erardi, Borgeslai, Daswani, Esbos, White, Scelia, Martin, Siporin, Scott, Weaver, Cruickshank, Howard, Zourine. Adair, Wilson, Pocock, Scott, Orschelt, Merdoa, Ungala, Stimpson, Beers, McCallum, Gumbeski, Orwesski, Sheehan, Gumis, Barcelo, Misczuk, Vangas, Kennedy, Testa, Dukes, Wright, Riarslu, Kludge, Keiskowitz, Fafunwe Nadike, Rosentstein, Ljunghoim, Ansarra, Gendron, Courtney, Cohen, Carr, Harris, Polansky, Jonynas, Draper, Selander, Miller, Sawyer, Marquez, Giarica, Gallgio, Arai-Cinne, George, Acfto, Greenesan, Ciama, Mahaffey, Gerem, Seaburg, Goldsmith, Temple, Kim, Perry, Moneha, McGuire, Agipt, D’Arcy, Gettineo, Lane, Finn, Jost, C., Jost, J., Fkufi, Jones, Peppes. Fenton, Shelton, Calvert, Jackson, LaFrance, Somm, Ducna, White, Bergman, Demaeo, Higgins, Kureczzka, Perreault, Schuberth, May, Doning, Mendez, Del Ana, Cynthia, English, Cruz, Brenan, Puge, Child, Walser, Wohn, Brown, Barraza, Villahi, Resnick, Cahgun, Atala, Fitzgibbons, Taggart, Orso, Pillai, Spector, Belwell, Hopper, Turner. Fargniaetx, Atala, Jamille, April, Carter-Llowery, Garcia-Bowen, Henninger, Khan, Brien, Bishop, Kirk, Garcia, Johns, Latit, Brewer, Koch, Ascenza, Modena, Hartz, LeMay, Walsh, Witcrafgt, Iannone, Kurolough, Roth, Altieri, Engwall, Johnson, Thomas, Quasti, Wright.


Regular Meeting called to order at 3:05.

President Felton Best/Secretary C. S. Austad present.


  1. Approval of Minutes of 3/1/04


Passed unanimously.


  1. Announcements

    1. AAUP Report – William Jones

William Jones announced AAUP Chapter meeting scheduled for March 31st at 12:00 noon in Marcus White Living Room.


Sen. Terezakis passed out a handout for Senators to circulate among faculty  opposing the merging of Community colleges and CSU. Motion will be presented at the Senate on April 5, 2004.


    1. Reminder—Sen. Austad announced  that a UPBC Open Meeting will be held on March 17th, 2004


       3.   Senate Elections

            Postponed until April 5, 2004.


        4. Senate Committee Reports


a. Curriculum Committee-Chris Pudlinski



                                          Passed Unanimously



       5. Unfinished Business






       6. New Business

a.       President Judd met with Senate re: op-ed piece in Hartford Courant

b.    Sen. O’Connell presented the following resolution:


     Motion of Support for President Richard L. Judd

The Faculty Senate of Central Connecticut State University, having considered the many years of outstanding service contributed by President Richard L. Judd to this institution; his exemplary contributions to the University, its students and faculty; his dedicated leadership in the pursuit of scholarship and community; his defense of the values of academic freedom and inquiry and his continuous demonstration of personal integrity;

Hereby resolves its support of President Richard L. Judd and expresses its confidence in his ongoing leadership as President of Central Connecticut State University and further directs that this motion be published and presented to the Board of Trustees of the Connecticut State University System so that, in the execution of their responsibilities, including that of consulting with this Senate, they act in favor of retaining President Judd in his office.



After discussion, debate, and suggested amendment, the motion passed as above.


Motion carried. Yes—36;  No- 5; Abstain-13



7.       Adjournment  at  approximately 4:05