CCSU Faculty Senate

Minutes—November 17, 2003

VAC 105  3:00 PM

Members Present: Abadiano,  Altieri, Austad, Best,  Barille, Barrington, Borst, Braverman, Brann, Casella, Claffey,  Crundwell, Czyrnik, Duquette,  Fried,  Gilmore, Gotchev, Gould,  Hager, Halkin, Hedlund, Hensely, Kleinert, Knox, Kurkjian, Leake, Lee-Partridge;  Machuga; Marlor,   Mulcahy,    Newman, Oliva, Papathanasis,  Pevac, Pope, Petrosino, Pirog, Prescott, Pudlinski, Rivera,  Salinas, Sarisley; Sevitch,  Terezakis, Thornton, Tracey,  Ulrich;   Vicenti, Walo, Williams


Ex‑Officio Members Present:  Altieri,  Demos, Pease, Salosa ,  Arends; Lemma;  McCullum; G. Kremens


President Best called the meeting to order at 3.05 p.m. in  Vance Lecture Hall.



I.                    Approval of Minutes of 11/3/03



            Motion to accept: Crundwell

Second: Halkin   

Carried Unanimously



II.                 Announcements


a.       AAUP Report. AAUP Pres. Jones


President Jones stated that CCSU-AAUP was joining UCONN and Capital Community College in a joint aggressive Public relations move to purchase forty of their 30 second spots and 150 of their fifty second slots on CPTV to promote public support for public education. A lively discussion ensued and Senators queried the following: what is the price of the ads;, will AAUP get credit for the ads; what kinds of images will be projected;  what kinds of scenes would be projected; would CCSU be represented as a teaching school to the neglect of the  research function;  will images projected represent cultural diversity and not show just the “beautiful faces on campus”; aren’t such ads just preaching to the choir if they are on CPTV; why focus on basketball; the message should be from the kids who work and live here. President Jones told the Senate the ads will cost a total of $69,000.00 divided by three with CCSU-AAUPs share being $23,000.00; the images will be those of students wearing sweat suits with “In our case, Central” written, and a voice over with an appropriate message. CPTV was selected as the venue because the campaign is not aimed at converting people, but encouraging those who support public education to write to and contact their elected representatives; the specifics  of the ads are not quite definite yet and collaboration with the other schools is in progress.


       b. President Best informed members of the Faculty Senate that the Search Committee for the Provost had produced a short-list. Schedules and information concerning the candidates will be posted on the Web. Faculty can acquaint themselves with the specifics of each candidate and are encouraged to attend the open meetings.


III. Senate Committee Reports


    1. Academic Standards Committee  – Sen. Gilmore introduced a proposal to change the course withdrawal policy in cases of academic misconduct. Sen. Gilmore discussed how  students were able to withdraw from course and run away from responsibilities and academic transcript did not reflect this problem; motion is part of national trend to prevent drop out when academic misconduct is pending.  Discussion ensued about preserving instructor’s freedom to grade student based upon his/her criteria. After a friendly amendment was accepted the following motion was voted upon:


Motion: “Students who withdraw from a course and are subsequently found guilty of academic misconduct in that course by the judicial officer may have their grade of W changed by the instructor.”


                        Motion: Senator Gilmore

                                                                                                Second; Senator Martin-Troy

                                                                                                Passed Unanimously




IV. New Business


a. Sen. Marlor informed the Senate that  Senate Resolution FS-92-B-10 “Evaluation and recommendation for renewal, tenure, promotional assessment”  does not reflect current contract language as written in Article 8.3.1 through for Library faculty and should be brought up to date. Whereas the criteria is the same, their order/weight has been rearranged.


    1. Proposed Motion: “That the current FS-92-10-B Revision of April 1992 changed to be consistent with article 8.3.1”.  (See attached revision).


Motion: Sen. Marlor


                                                                                                Second: Martin-Troy

                                                                                                Passed Unanimously


V. Old Business


Provost Arends reported on  the  visit of  President Richard Pattenaude of University of Southern Maine visit to CCSU on November 11th, 2003.  He  thanked faculty for the large turn out and attendance at the open meeting at 10:00 AM in Founders Hall. President Pattenaude also met with the  UPBC, Council of Deans, President Judd, and Executive committee members among others and stimulated interesting discussion.

            Provost Arends also informed the Faculty Senate that the all planning efforts and a summary of President Pattenaude’s visit would be posted on the CCSU WEB and that all faculty will have access to it. The WEB site should be set up so that comments can be made and an interactive process will be established.

Provost Arends  reminded members of the Senate that each of the four schools  will be making preliminary reports of their school based strategic plans on Wednesday. Sen. Fried asked that  student affairs also bring its strategic planning to the UPBC.  Provost Arends and Austad  agreed to place the Sen. Fried’s request on the UPBC agenda at the earliest opportunity for consideration (most likely December 3).


                                                                                                            Motion to adjourn: Gilmore

                                                                                                            Second: Maher

Carried Unanimously


      The meeting adjourned at 3.35. p.m.


The next meeting of the Faculty Senate will be December 1, 2003.


Respectfully submitted

Carol Shaw Austad

Faculty Senate Secretary