CCSU Faculty Senate

Minutes—November 3, 2003

VAC 105  3:00 PM

Members Present: Abadiano,  Austad, Best,  Barille, Barrington, Borst, Braverman, Brann, Claffey,  Crundwell, Czyrnik, Duquette,  Fried, Gallagher,  Gilmore, Gotchev, Gould,  Hager, Halkin, Hedlund, Hensely, Kleinert, Knox, Leake, Lee-Partridge;  Machuga; Marlor,  Mueller, Mulcahy,   O’Connell, Oliva, Papathanasis,  Pope, Petrosino, Pirog, Prescott, Rivera, Sagnelli, Salinas, Sarisley; Sevitch,  Tracey,  Ulrich;   Walo, Williams


Ex‑Officio Members Present:  Altieri,  Whitford;  Arends; Lemma;  McCullum; G. Kremens


President Best called the meeting to order at 3.06 p.m. in  Vance Lecture Hall.


I.                    Approval of Minutes of 10/20/03

            Motion to accept.: O’Connell

Second: Marlor   

Carried Unanimously


II.                 Announcements


a.       AAUP Report. AAUP Pres. Jones


President Jones stated that 30 faculty had not completed Diversity Training, and   completed it since he discussed it last in Faculty Senate. Campus Equity Week occurred.


       b. Sen. Duquette and Sen. Moran announced a fabulous new program for CCSU students whereby they can Intern  in Washington, D.C. in a variety of programs such as APA, CNN, Amnesty International, Government agencies.   Four scholarships will be available (2 in spring and 2 in summer). Students from all majors are welcome to apply. Please contact Sen. Moran for the details of selection process and a brochure.


III. Senate Committee Reports

    1. None


IV. Old Business



V. New Business


Provost Arends  discussed the current strategic planning as  a multi-level planning process in its early stage of progress. Each of the four schools are using current planning structures, or creating new ones to support the University’s strategic planning process. This assures that school-based priorities are represented in the University wide strategic planning. Each school is using its own method of gathering input from faculty. For sample, Interim Dean Pease sponsored Arts and Sciences Chair’s retreat and faculty input came through the Chairs. Each school will plan activities with consideration of the University’s existing mission statement. They will determine if they are consistent with the mission and confirm agreement or make recommendations for change. They will prioritize  programs into high, medium and low. Preliminary reports are due to be presented at the UPBC meeting of November 19th. Similar planning and processing will occur in student affairs and other nonacademic units to parallel the academic planning.

Sen. Fried expressed  that it is extremely important for student affairs to take on an active role in strategic planning in an early part of the process to assure academic success. Sen. Fried will refer some documents on this issue to UPBC.

Sen. Prescott commented that the role of UPBC in strategic planning is  not a finality. UPBC just looks at the plans and recommends.

Sen. Crundwell  inquired about previous plans for reorganization and asked if the committee had privy to the Sohn reports and earlier reports.

Provost Arends informed him prior reports were circulated and reviewd by UPBC and would be integrated into the current process. 

Sen. Austad, Chair of the UPBC,  reported that the school based initiatives are being brought to the UPBC as it is  a Faculty Senate Committee which will review the preliminary reports of the school based planning and will offer feedback and make recommendations based upon current conditions and progress. All faculty are encouraged  faculty to  continue to discuss concerns with the  appropriate contacts for each school. Faculty can feel free to contact the UPBC as well—e-mail Austad. 

As part of the University kick-off for strategic planning, on November 11th, President Richard Pattenaude of University of Southern Maine will be coming to CCSU. He will conduct an open meeting at 10:00 AM in Founders Hall. All faculty and other members of the University Community are cordially invited and encouraged to attend and participate. He will also meet with the UPBC, Council of Deans, President Judd, Executive committee members among others.


                                                                                                            Motion to adjourn: Brann

                                                                                                            Second: Gilmore

Carried Unanimously


      The meeting adjourned at 3.26. p.m.


The next meeting of the Faculty Senate will be November 17, 2003.


Respectfully submitted

Carol Shaw Austad

Faculty Senate Secretary