CCSU Faculty Senate

Minutes—October 20, 2003

VAC 105  3:00 PM

Members Present: Abadiano, Adams, Austad, Best,  Barille, Borst, Braverman, Brann,  Callery, Casella,  Claffey,  Crundwell, Czyrnik, Deloy, Duquette, Emeagwalli,  Foster, Fried, Gallagher,  Gotchev, Gould,  Hager, Halkin, Hedlund, Hensely, Kleinert, Knox, Kurkjian, LaPuerto, Leake, Lee-Partridge;  Machuga; Marlor,  Martin-Troy; Mueller, G.  O’Connell, Odesina, Pevac,  Pope, Petrosino, Pirog, Prescott, Rivera, Sagnelli, Salinas, Sarisley; Sevitch, Thorton,  Tracey,  Ulrich;  Vincenti,,  Walo,

Ex Officio Members Present:  Altieri,  Whitford;  Arends; Lemma;  McCullum; G. Kremens

Guests: Chris Pudlinski,  Chair Curriculum Committee,

President Best called the meeting to order at 3.05 p.m. in  Vance Lecture Hall.


I.                    Approval of Minutes of 09/15/03


Motion to accept.  


Carried Unanimously


II.                 Announcements


a.       AAUP Report. AAUP Pres. Jones


Pres Jones invited faculty to enter nominations for CSU Professor.

Nominations are open until November 13th  and should be sent to the CSU Professor Committee c/o Philosophy Dept. Secretary, Marcus White Hall


President Best explained that two positions are available and one or both may be filled this year but there will most likely be one filled. One vacancy  was due to Martha Wallach’s retirement last year


III. Senate Committee Reports


    1. Curriculum Report - Chris  Pudlinski


Five items were introduced and can be viewed on the Curriculum Committee Website. No discussion followed.


                                                            Motion to Accept: Sevitch

                                                                        Second: Prescott

                                                                        Carried Unanimously

    1. Academic Standards Committee Report

No business to report


IV.              New Business


1.      Exceptions in Department Evaluation Committees (DEC):


In accordance with Article 4.11.4 of the AAUP/BOT Contract, the President requests Faculty Senate Approval of the following exceptions for DECs for the 2003-2004 academic year


Department of Nursing: Karen Beyard (Educational Leadership) and James Malley (Counseling & Family Therapy) will serve as members of this departments’s DEC.



Department of Management Information Systems: David Fearon (Management and Organization) will serve as a member of the department’s DEC during deliberations on the promotion application of George Claffey


                                                                                                Motion to accept: Fried

                                                                                                Second: Lee-Partridge

                                                                                                Carried Unanimously 


2. Announcement of reappointment of  SPT sponsored Ad-hoc committee on Academic Integrity   Members: Emily Chasse; James Conway; Christopher Dukes; Jane Fried;   John Harmon; Virginia Jones; Antonia Moran; Paul Petterson.



3. A lively discussion ensued about the process for the potential of  reorganization of the University. Questions, concerns, problems, objections  were raised and discussed. They  included:


a. At what point will faculty input occur?


b. Will the budget shape reorganization, or will the values, purposes, and mission of the university form the basis of reorganization?


c. Is there a coherent planning process being set in motion or  is there a piece meal plan that lacks integration and reinvents the wheel?


d. Shouldn’t Faculty Senate be involved from the start rather than Deans and Chairs by appointing an ad hoc committee of the  Senate to participate immediately?



e. Shouldn’t the Senate appoint a committee that focuses on questions such as   is there a need for a reorganization; what are the models to follow;  what are the expected results


f.  Is the reorganization being run top down rather than bottom up?


g. The UPBC is playing a role in the reorganization and is a Faculty Senate Committee, but is it within this committee’s domain or  purview to do this?



4. Provost Arends commented that no definite decision has been made to reorganize as of yet; he has asked each school to approach the question of whether or not to reorganize in its own way and each school will report its preliminary findings and recommendations about reorganization in early November to the UPBC.


5. President Best encouraged concerned faculty to  e-mail or discuss concerns with the reorganization committees from each school. For Arts and Sciences, Interim Dean Pease is meeting with Chairs. Arts and science faculty can discuss these issues with their Chairs, especially since they are meeting on Tuesday, October 21. Faculty from other schools should contact their Chairs to ascertain how to give input.


6. UPBC Chair  (Austad) reported that on November 11th, President Richard Pattenaude of University of Southern Maine will be coming to CCSU in the role of  futurist in order to stimulate thinking, discussion, advise and consult about envisioning the future of CCSU.  One session will be open to the University community. Input will  be welcomed.


President Best stated that the topic of reorganization will be on the agenda for the next Senate Meeting.



                                                                                                            Motion to adjourn: Fried

                                                                                                            Second: Kleinert

Carried Unanimously


      The meeting adjourned at 3.45. p.m.


The next meeting of the Faculty Senate will be November 3, 2003.


Respectfully submitted

Carol Shaw Austad

Faculty Senate Secretary