CCSU Faculty Senate

Minutes—September 15, 2003

VAC 105  3:00 PM

Members Present: Austad,  Barille, Barrington, Braverman, Brann, Bunce, Claffey,  Crundwell, Czyrnik, Deloy, Duquette, Emeagwalli, Foster, Fried, Gallagher,  Gotchev, Gould,  Halkin, Hensely, Kleinert, Knox, Kurkjian, LaPuerto, Leake, Lee-Partridge, Machuga; Marlor, Martin,  Martin-Troy; Mueller, G.  O’Connell, Odesina, Oliva, Pevac,  Pope, Petrosino, Rivera, Sagnelli, Salinas, Sarisley;.Sevitch, Terezakis, Tracey,  Ulrich; M. Vicenti,,  Walo, William


Ex Officio Members Present: S. Pease; E. Whitford; R. Arends; R. McCullum; G. Kremens


Guests: Chris Pudlinski,  Chair Curriculum Committee,


Meeting was called to order by President Best at 3.08 p.m. in Founders Hall.


President Best welcomed all members, especially those that were new to the senate, and requested that each member identify him/herself and the department he or she represented.



I.                    Approval of Minutes of 05/05/03



            Motion to accept.  


Carried Unanimously





II.                 Announcements


a.       President Best announced that there are four dates set for diversity training

(i)                  10/2      8.30-12:00

(ii)                10/8      8.30-12.00

(iii)               10/14    1.00 p.m-4.30

(iv)              10/20    1.00p.m-4.30

All will be held in the Sprague Room of the Students Center


b.       AAUP Report. AAUP Pres. Jones


Pres Jones noted there were two announcements/items to report:


(i)                  There will be a dinner to welcome new Faculty on 9/23 and a luncheon October 15, 2003 for all faculty.

(ii)                President Jones noted that the issue of whether diversity training is mandatory arose following the first calls for and provision of diversity training and the question of whether a penalty for not attending such training is still possible.

Sen. Fried: noted that while the question of whether such training is mandatory may still be out there it is worth considering two items...the first is that this training is specifically FOR academics /CCSU faculty and hence is directed to their specific needs (not just general diversity issues but specific to the substantive challenges for CCSU faculty) and secondly, and closely linked, the results of a soon-to-be-released study indicated 30% of students of color feel dissatisfied with their treatment/integration into the CCSU student body! ...And this surely is a first step to addressing this serious concern.


c.       President Best indicated that the faculty handbook on academic misconduct will now be printed following the receipt of some minor editorial changes from the president’s counsel, Attorney Magnon and faculty will thus soon be in receipt of the handbook.


d.       Board Of Trustees Meetings- Reports Sen. Abadiano

Sen. Abadiano indicated to new senators that she attends BOT meetings and their reports are available at:


She will bring to Senates attention any issues she believes are worthy of note


e.       Dr Richard Arends (Interim Provost/VP Academic Affairs) addressed the senate.

He thanked all who had called and congratulated him on his recent appointment and also those who had called to commiserate with him. He stressed he was indeed interim. A committee to conduct the search had been struck and will do its work but in the year or so he will be in the position he stressed there was work to do. The five-year planning cycle was over and this was therefore a good and appropriate time to evaluate and set our academic course. To that end he welcomed input from all but he stressed he will not hurry the process nor rush to judgment.


f.        Dr Karen Beyard then addressed the Senate on the new B.Ed program. Dr. Beyard handed out literature for the Ed.D. Program in Educational Leadership and updated the faculty on the progress of the program. The first group of students numbers 23, Cohort 2002, was admitted during  Spring 2002 and are now in their second year of study.  Cohort 2003 was admitted in March 2003 and began their studies in the  summer of 2003 and now numbers 24. Student evaluations of the program are extremely positive as are the external program reviews. The two cohorts represent a diverse and interesting group and have made a serious commitment to their doctoral programs. Dr. Beyard requests that interested faculty who wish to supervise dissertations and serve on committees contact her at or 832-2234. To guard against becoming too big too soon and to assure adequate committee members are available, the program will skip admissions for one year  and the next cohort will be admitted in 2005. Dr. Beyard also mentions the doctoral program means enhanced funds to enhance the Burritt Library. Programmatic priorities for 2003-2004: establish 23 doctoral committees; provide faculty development/growth opportunities for doctoral committee chars and members; recruit two new faculty members to support doctoral program.



III.               Elections


Elections were held for Secretary of Faculty Senate

Senator Richard Benfield stated that he could no longer  to serve as Secretary of the Faculty Senate since his departmental term had expired. Carol Shaw Austad was elected as Secretary, replacing Senator Richard Benfield.



Sen. Braverman reported

other Election Committee Results as follows: 


            Committee on Committees

1.       Kevin Oliva

2.       Pat Foster

3.       Vivian Martin


Senate Elections

1.       Sharon Braverman

2.       Michael Terezakis

3.       Sylvia Halkin

4.       Tina Marie Rivera

5.       Kathy Kurkjian


Constitution and By-Laws

1.       Brian O’Connell (Parliamentarian)

2.       Meg Leak

3.       Jerald Duquette



IV.              Senate Committee Reports


a.                 Curriculum Committee Report. Chris Pudlinski

Dr Pudlinski introduced himself to the senate and indicated that he brings to senate curriculum reports monthly. This is the result of a detailed process and if any new senator wishes to seek advice on application/submissions he would be delighted to assist them.


NOTE:  In these minutes and subsequent minutes, the approved curriculum Committee report may be found on the Curriculum Committee web site, and this site will constitute the official record.


b.                 There were no other senate committee’s reporting



V.                 Old Business


There was no old business


VI.              New Business


(a). Exceptions in Department Evaluation Committees


In accordance with Article 4.11.4 of the AAUP/BOT contract, the President requests of Faculty Senate were approved unanimously for the  following exceptions for DEC Committees for the 2003-04 academic year:


Dept. of  Design: Joan Calvert (Computer Science) will serve as a member of the DEC. Lani Johnson (Theater) will serve as member of the departments DEC and her home department’s DEC


Department of Finance: Anita Jackson (Marketing) will serve as a member of  this Department’s DEC and her home department’s DEC. Judith Walo (Accounting) will serve as a member of this departments’ DEC and her home DEC


Dept. of Management Information Systems. Neli Zlatereva (Computer Science) will serve as a member of this department’s DEC.


Dept. of Technology Education. Paul Restarts (Manufacturing and Construction Management) will serve as a member of this Department’s DEC. Al Gates (Engineering Technology) will serve as a amber of this department’s DEC and his home DEC




(b). Sen. Mueller announced that there  will be a week of coordinated activities on campuses in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Campus Equity week is designed to educated campuses, public policy makers, and will focus on issues of fairness and quality education. The CCSU-AAUP Part time Advisory Committee is planning a week of activities to be held in the Student Center. The TEACHERS’ WORKING CONDTIONS = STUDENTS’ LEARNING CONDITIONS


LINK and


Motion: That CCSU Faculty Senate supports the efforts of its part-time faculty in participating in Campus Equity Week, October 27-31at, 2003

Motion to accept: Mueller/Terezakis

Carried Unanimously






VII.            Adjournment

                                                             Motion to adjourn


Carried Unanimously


      The meeting adjourned at 4.25. p.m.


The next meeting of the Faculty Senate will be October 20, 2003. The meeting regularly scheduled for October 6th is canceled due to Yom Kippur.


Respectfully submitted

Carol Austad

Faculty Senate Secretary