CCSU Faculty Senate

Minutes—April 14, 2008

VAC 105   3:00 PM

Note: Senate Constitution, Bylaws, Meeting Dates, Agenda and Minutes are posted on the CCSU Pipeline under School Services/Faculty Resources.

Next Meeting of the Faculty Senate on April 28, 2008, 3 pm Vance 105

 Present: Adams, A., Barrington, C., Bigley, M.P., Blitz, D., Bowen, M., Cohen, S., Crundwell, G., Cummiskey, M., D’Addio, D., Daigle, R., DelAma, J., Donis, F., Durant, M., Dziuda, D., Fallahi, C., Fangiullo, B., Fernandez, R., Foshay, J., Garcia-Bowen, M., George, L., Glagovich, N., Hammad, M., Harris, D., Hensley, P., Hicks, L., Jones, J., Kapper, M., Kershner, B., King, T., Kurkovsky, S., LaPuerta, P., Larsen, K., Latour, F., Lisi, P., Magno, A., Mamed, O., Mulcahy, C., Murphy, G., O’Connor, J., Petrosino, S., Raajpoot, N., Sianez, D., Sims, D., Slaga, S., Spector, D., Tait, C., Talit, L., Wagner, L., Wang, W., Wright, E.

 Ex-Officio: Kremens, Lovitt, Pease, Sakofs

 Parliamentarian: Charles Dimmick

 Guests: Tom Burkholder (Curriculum), James Mulrooney (Academic Standards) 

1. Announcements:

a. AAUP member Guy Crundwell announced the April 18 theatre night, “The Tempest,”  and the April30 chapter meeting, as well as the May 4 Family Night at the Rock Cats game.

b. SUOAF-AFSCME member Otis Mamed announced the April 30 chapter meeting.

c. Senate President Tim Craine described the FOIA complaint filed by the staff of The Recorder against the Faculty Senate, which will receive a hearing May 2.  He reminded the rest of the department chairs to submit their P&T guidelines.  

d. Senator Fallahi, for the Diversity Committee, announced the May 13 event, “Conversations in Diversity.”

2. Senator Spector moved the approval of the March 10, 2008 minutes: Passed.

3.  New Business:

a) Senate elections committee and elections: No other nominations for the Faculty Senate offices were received from the floor.  Senator Blitz moved to close nominations: Passed.  The Senate heard statements from the two candidates for Senate President, Candace Barrington (English) and Neil Glagovich (Chemistry).  The Elections Committee distributed ballots for the Faculty Committees elected by the Faculty, and for the Faculty Committees Elected by the Senate.  These results will be tabulated and announced at the next Senate meeting.  The Elections Committee distributed ballots for the office of Senate President, collected and counted these as the Senate proceeded with its order of business.  The Elections committee announced later that Senator Barrington won the office of Senate President.  Senator Jones moved that the Senate cast a single ballot to elect the nominees for Senate Vice-President, Guy Crundwell (Chemistry), and for Senate Secretary, Donna Sims (Finance): Passed.

b) The Senate received the UPBC report from ad hoc committee on CCSU unique identity.  UPBC moved the following, which passed: 

  • The Faculty Senate approves the following four elements of CCSU’s distinctive identity: (1) international education, (2) workforce and State economic development, (3) community engagement, and (4) interdisciplinary studies and cross-curricular initiatives.

c) UPBC moved to accept the following as the University’s Strategic Plan: strategic plan and process.  Senator Spector moved to amend item 1.1, by deleting the word “courses”: Failed.  Senator Spector moved to delete item 2.13 entirely: Failed.  Senator Spector moved to amend items 2.8 and 2.9 by adding “with increased Student Affairs programming supported by appropriately increased Student Affairs staff”: Failed.

The main motion Passed.

d) Curriculum committee chair Tom Burkholder announced that Paul Karpuk (English) will serve as the new Curriculum Committee chair.  With consent, he withdrew Item 5 from the April Curriculum Committee report for consideration, as well as Item 4g from today’s Senate agenda, both regarding Civil Engineering.  The modified April report passed.

e) The following motion to modify graduate catalogue publication deadlines was referred back to Curriculum Committee: 

A resolution regarding the undergraduate and graduate catalogues:

Whereas the deadline for the print publication of the undergraduate and graduate catalogs has been the deadline for the April curriculum meeting and

     whereas the subsequent publications of the catalogs has been in late summer and

     whereas the incoming freshman have not been given the new undergraduate catalog during freshman orientation,

     it is resolved that the deadline, which shall take effect in Fall 2008, for submissions to be accepted for the undergraduate and graduate catalogs shall be the deadline for the December curriculum meetings. (remove: in even years).

     Note: The revised deadline under this proposal will be around November 7, 2008 for the 2009-2011 Undergraduate Catalog and in November 2009 for the 2010-2012 Graduate Catalog.

 f) The Committee on Committees moved the following proposal for an Academic Assessment Committee.  Senator Spector moved to divide the question, addressing first the proposed committee structure and then the policy document: Passed.  Senator Blitz amended the committee by-laws’ fourth point, regarding the rotation of members, with the following: “up to six consecutive years for dean-appointed faculty”: Passed.  Main motion on the academic assessment committee by-laws: Passed.  Senator Spector moved to postpone consideration of the policy statement until the first September 2008 Senate meeting: Failed.  Main motion, on the policy statement: passed. 

4. Senator Spector moved to Adjourn at 5:00: Passed.