CCSU Faculty Senate

Minutes—March 8, 2010

VAC 105   3:00 PM

Note: Senate Constitution, Bylaws, Meeting Dates, Agenda and Minutes are posted on the CCSU Pipeline under Faculty Resources/Faculty Senate.

Next Meeting of the Faculty Senate is on April 12, 2010, 3pm, Founders Hall. 

Present: Alewitz, M., Barr, B., Barrington, C., Baumann P., Bernstein, S., Best, F., Bigelow, L., Bigley, M.P., Button, C., Carberry, T., Cohen, S., Crespi, C., Czyrnik, K., D’Addio, D., DelAma, J., Dobler, E., Dziuda, D., Eustis, K., Foshay, J., Glagovich, N., Hermes, K., Hicks, L., Horan, M., Iglesias,  E., Jarmoszko, T., Kapper, M., Karpuk, P., Larsen, K., Latour, F., Leake, M., Love, K., Mamed,  O., McCleary, B.,  McKenna, S., Ball, K., Mendez-Mendez, S., Mione, T., Mitchell, M., Mulrooney,  J., O’Connor, J., Oliva, K., Wright, E., Osoba, B.,  Percy, V., Poppe, K., Ratansi, S., Sanders, D., Sarisley, E., Sikorski, J., Sims, D., Stankewicz, K.,  Tomoda, S., Wang, W., Warshauer, M.  Wood, R.

Ex-Officio: Lovitt, C., S., Sakofs, M., Pease, S., Lemma, P.

Parliamentarian: Dimmick, C.

Guests: Jones, J., L. Tordenti, A. Pozorski, S. Braverman, A. Alling, B. Hosch

1. Announcements:

a. AAUP President (J. Jones)

  • President Jones announced the following:
    • There was a good turnout at the Legislative breakfast,
    • Thursday, March 11, 2010 is the regular Chapter meeting, Dave Walsh CSU AAUP president will be speaking regarding the budget.
    • March 20, 2010 is the SEBAC Forum with all legislative candidates Thursday,

b. SUOAF-AFSCME President (F.  Bonvicini)

  • No report.

c. President of the Senate (C. Barrington)

  • President Barrington made the following announcements:
    • The Open Forum with President Miller is scheduled for April 6, 2010 at 3:30 in the Connecticut Dining Room;
    • The BOT Academic Affairs Committee will be meeting on campus on Monday, March 29, 2010 at 11:30 am in the Bellin Room of the Student Center; and
    • Penny Lisi, form educational Leadership will join the Steering Committee.

2. Minutes of 2/22/10 were moved for approval by Senator Latour. (Passed)

3. Reports:

*a. Academic Standards (J. Mulrooney)

  • Senator Mulrooney presented the report from committee, which covered, Criminology changes and graduation standards. Discussion and questions were taken from the floor. Concerns were expressed over the effective data and unknown impact on the University. (Passed)

*b. U.P.B.C.

  • L. Grasso Reviewed the recommendations that were sent to President Miller from the Committee. He informed the Senate that the Committee would be revisiting Goals and Objectives and a recommendation would be brought to the Senate for approval.

c. Curriculum Committee

  • Senator Karpuk reviewed course changes and additions fro the report of 3/3/10. In addition, he outlined points of information regarding the unified common course numbering system. Provost Lovitt added clarification to the project. (Passed)

d. The Learning Center

  • M. Leake reviewed the probation policy, forms and graduation retention information. In addition, she answered questions from the floor.

e. Academic Integrity Committee

  • A. Pozorski reviewed the proposed policy and stated that she will return on 4/12/10 for Senate consideration. She asked that Senators submit comments via email by 3/29/10.

4. Unfinished Business:

5. New Business:

a. Committee on Committees

  • Senator Latour presented changes to the Sabbatical Leave Committee by-laws. After a discussion and questions, (Passed).
  • He reviewed the proposed changes for the Advisory Committee for Academic Advising by-laws. Senator Karpuk moved to change the name of the committee to: Committee for Academic Advising, (Passed)
  • A vote was subsequently taken on the remainder of the proposed by-law changes, (Passed).

6. Adjournment:  

  • Senator Glagovich moved to adjourn. (Passed)