CCSU Faculty Senate

Minutes—May 10, 2010

VAC 105   3:00 PM

Note: Senate Constitution, Bylaws, Meeting Dates, Agenda and Minutes are posted on the CCSU Pipeline under Faculty Resources/Faculty Senate.

Next Meeting of the Faculty Senate is on September 13, 2010, 3pm, Founders Hall. 

Present: Abadiano, H., Abed, F., Alewitz, M., Al-Masoud, N., Ayalon, A., Ball, K., Barr, B., Barrington, C., Bernstein, S., Best, F., Bigelow, L., Bishop, R., Blitz, D. Bonvicini, F., Button, C., Cohen, S., Crespi, C., Czyrnik, K., D’Addio, D., Delventhal, T., Dziuda, D., Eustis, K., Foshay, J., Glagovich,  N., Hermes, K., Horan, M., Iglesias, E., Jarmoszko, T., Kapper, M., Karpuk, P., Koh, K., Kurkjian,  K., Kurkovsky, S., Larsen, K., Latour, F., Leake, M., Love, K., Mione, T., Mitchell, M., Mulrooney,  J., O’Connor, J., Osoba, B., Park, M., Park, M., Percy, V., Perry, W., Pirog, K., Ratansi, S., Sanders, D.,  Sarisley, E., Sikorski, J., Sims, D., Stankewicz, K.,  Strickland, A., Tomoda, S., Wang, W., Warshauer, M. Wood, R., Wright, E.,

Ex-Officio:  Miller, J., Lovitt, C., Sakofs, M., Shojai, S., Kremens, Z., Pease, S., Lemma, P.

Parliamentarian: Dimmick, C.

Guests: Jones, J., Grasso, L., Pororski, A., Glaser, L., Weiss, K., Phillips, E., Johnson, B.

1. Announcements:

a. AAUP President (J. Jones)

  • Reminder that the Board of Trustees meeting will be on campus on Thursday, May 13, at 10 am in the Constitution Room; and
  • The Registrar’s deadline for submission of grades is an AAUP contract obligation of the members.

b. SUOAF-AFSCME President (F.  Bonvicini)

  • Brown Bag meeting will be held next week; and
  • The annual picnic/workshop is on 6/23/10

c. President of the Senate (C. Barrington)

  • President Barrington reminded the members that the first meeting of the 2010/2011 academic year will be on 9/13/10 in Founders Hall with a reception following in the Davidson Courtyard.
  • Senator Best made a motion to moved item number 5.d. to be considered after the minutes. After considerable discussion, Senator Glagovich called the question, which passed. The vote on the motion to move 5.d. was taken and the motion failed.

2. Minutes of April 26, 2010: Motion to approve, Senator Delventhal (Passed)

3. Reports:

a. Task Force on Child Care:

  • L. Glaser presented the report to the Senate, advised the Senate that members of the task force have attended a regional conference and were presented with many new ideas. (Accepted)

b. Information Technology Committee

  • E. Iglesias presented the report and was available to answer questions. (Accepted)

c. CSU Trustees Research Award Committee

  • K Martin-Troy reviewed the status of the recommendation. (Accepted)

d. CSU Trustees Teaching Award Committee

  • Senator Mulrooney was available to answer any questions regarding the report.  (Accepted)

e. Graduate Studies Committee

  • K Weiss was available to answer questions regarding the report, which did not include any policy updates. (Accepted)

f. International and Area Studies Committee

  • E. Phillips briefly reviewed the reports and recommendations, The report included a proposal to amend the I Course Designation to include course and study abroad programs. (Passed)


  • L. Grasso presented the proposed changes in objectives. Senator Cohen suggested a proposed friendly amendment:
  • Add:  4.6 Provide faculty and staff with support and professional development necessary to work efficiently.
  • After considerable discussion, Senator Best called the question, which passed. The motion to approve the proposed objectives, as amended from the floor and send to President Miller for review and potential further recommendations, (Passed).
  • The annual report was reviewed briefly and (Accepted).

h. Curriculum Committee Report of May 5, 2010

  • was presented by Senator Karpuk. He reviewed major initiatives from the report:
  • A request to give D. Adams from the Philosophy Department as additional two years on the committee to serve as chair in 2010 – 2012; and
  • Reviewed the I Course Designation changes; and
  • Reviewed the proposal regarding Associate Degree transfers and general education requirements that will be referred to departments and undergraduate deans for further comment, to be considered at a later time.
  • Senator Karpuk requested that  A – E be considered only for approval, (Passed).
  • F., which is the course deletion list, will be considered at the 11/10 meeting.

i. Textbook Task Force Update:

  • Dean Lemma thanked the members of the Taskforce, reviewed the objectives of the Taskforce, the necessity of compliance with federal law changes, answered questions from the floor and indicated that after the fall meeting will have a written report for the Senate.

j. Diversity Committee

  • B. Merenstein reviewed the year’s activities and accomplishments. (Accepted)

4. Unfinished Business:

a. Academic Integrity Committee

5. New Business:

a. Senate Elections Committee:

  • Senator Foshay reviewed the results from last week's elections, noting that there was one committee with a tie, CSU Trustees Research Award Committee. This item will be moved to the fall election for resolution.
  • A call was made for any additional nominees from the floor for Senate officers. There being none, Senator Leake moved that the secretary cast a single vote accepting the slate. (Passed) The successful candidates are:
    • President                      Candace Barrington
    • Vice President               Jim Mulrooney
    • Secretary                      Burlin Barr     
  • Senator Foshay proposed a Senate By-Law change, which would clarify the responsibilities of the Elections Committee for future elections.  A friendly amendment was proposed and approved from the floor. A vote was taken on the amended proposal, which (Passed).
    • 2.13 It is the responsibility of each school or constituency to provide at least two candidates for every open position designated for the school or constituency. If the requisite candidates are not provided, the Senate Elections Committee, in consultation with the Senate Steering Committee may make the designated position into an at-large position for that term; with the exception of the Sabbatical Leave Committee, the Promotion & Tenure Committee, the Advisory Committee for CSU Professorship and any other committees that relate to remuneration.      
  • The results of the Senate elections for committees will be reported as soon as available.            

b. Promotion and Tenure Policy

  • President Barrington reviewed the necessity of adding language to the current Promotion and Tenure Policy previously adopted by the Senate, in order to allow faculty members the right to provide a rebuttal to DEC evaluations.  The Steering Committee moved its adoption, motion (Passed).

c. Committee on Committees: Senator Latour proposed the following items:

d. Resolution and Letter to Governor Rell

  • President Barrington requested the consent of the Senate to allow the Faculty Senate President of SCSU to address the members. (Passed)
  • Brian Johnson, Senate President of SCSU read an updated proposed letter and discussed the rationale for proposing the letter. Concerns were expressed over the timing of the proposal and the lack of opportunity for discussion with CCSU faculty. Brian Johnson answered questions from the floor. President Miller expressed his point of view and concerns. After considerable discussion, Senator Best moved to adjourn. (Passed).                  

6. Adjournment:  

  • Motion to adjourn made by Senator Best (Passed)