CCSU Faculty Senate
Minutes—October 11, 2010
VAC 105   3:00 PM

The next meeting of the Faculty Senate is on Monday 10/25/10 in Vance 105

Note: Senate Constitution, Bylaws, Meeting Dates, Agenda and Minutes are posted on the CCSU Pipeline under Faculty Resources/Faculty Senate, or at

Al-Masoud, N., Alewitz. M., Alicandro, J., Arena, J., Ayalon, A., Barr, B., Barrington, C., Bernstein, S., Berry, G., Bigley, M.P., Bunce, P., Cappella, D., Christensen, S., Crespi, C., Czyrnik, K., Dziuda, D., Farhat, J., Garcia-Bowen, M., Greenfield, B.  , Hazan, S., Hensley, P., Hicks, L. , Horan, M., Iglesias, E., Jarmoszko, A., Kapper, M., Kean, K., Latour, F. , Lisi, P., Mahony, M., Mamed, O., Mendez-Mendez, S., Menoche, C., Mione, T., Mulrooney, J., Odesina, O., Oliva, K., Osoba, B., Pancsofar, E., Passaro. M., Percy, V., Pope, C., Poppe, K., Ratansi, S., Reagan, T., Sadanand, N., Sianez, D., Sikorski, J., Teitler, J., Thamma, R., Wang, W., Wood, R.

Ex-Officio: Lovitt, C., Pease, S., Sakofs, M.

Parliamentarian: Dimmick, C.

Guests: Murphy, G., Adair, S.

1. Approval of Minutes, September 27, 2010
Senator Mendez-Mendez moved for acceptance of minutes.
Unanimously passed.      (Passed)

2. Announcements    
a. AAUP President (G. Murphy)    
The ARP problem has been settled by negotiators. There will be meetings on 10/19 and 10/25 with Atty D Livingston to answer questions about switching from the ARP to another retirement system.

Theater night for faculty is on 10/21. Reception begins at 6:00 pm.

The chapter social will take place on 11/3 from 3-7 in the constitution room.

In the next 3 weeks there will be a general election of officers.

b. SUOAF-AFSCME (L. Hicks)    
As per the AAUP announcement, the ARP problem is settled.
SUOAF elections are ongoing.

c. President of the Senate (C. Barrington)

President Barrington yielded the floor to Anne Alling of Human Resources for comments on the aforementioned ARP situation. She stated that HR is waiting for information and forms from the Comptroller's Office, and they have promised that everything will be to us no later than November 1, 2010.   Then ARP members will have until December 31, 2010 to make the one-time irrevocable decision about switching from ARP to SERS.  We will notify everyone as soon as we received the information and forms.

President Barrington then gave her comments:
A.    Today, the Elections Committee will be announcing its call for nominations for openings in Standing Committees of the CCSU Faculty. Please encourage members of your departments and units to nominate themselves for these positions.  Please take particular note of the openings on the Promotion and Tenure Committee, one of the most important Standing Committees.  There is NO reason that positions for the committee are not competitive.  It’s been our policy not to run an election until there are at least 2 candidates for each position.  Please help the Elections Committee with this by knocking on doors and twisting the arms of those colleagues you know could contribute positively to these committees.  

B.    President Miller and the Faculty Senate will host a series of forums this fall.

    On Tuesday, 12 October, at 3:30 in the Connecticut Room.
    And Wednesday, 17 November at 10:00 in the Connecticut Room.

C.    Also, on Thursday, 11 November, at 10:00, the Senate and the UPBC will host an open meeting in the Student Center’s Philbrick/Camp Room. CFO Larry Wilder will make a presentation on the university’s budget and field questions.  I understand that the meeting isn’t at the best possible time for lots of you, so we will record the meeting and make it available.  Also, if there is enough interest, we will schedule another meeting.
Along these lines, you should take a look at the new website updating major projects on campus:

D.    The Steering Committee received a request that the Senate consider a campus-wide ban on smoking.  I have forwarded the proposal to the CCSU Safety and Health Committee and requested it return its recommendation to us. 

E.    Finally, I ask the Committee on Committees, the Elections Committee, and the Bylaws and Constitution Committee to work together to develop a procedure to filling temporary vacancies, such as those caused when a member takes a sabbatical leave.  

3. Committee Reports    

a. Curriculum Committee    
The agenda was small and noncontroversial this month. Everything passed the CC unanimously.
The report was approved unanimously by the senate. (Passed)

b. University Planning And Budget Committee        
Modify Committee Charter     
President Barrington stated that although the changes to the charter are simple, she indicated that it should go to Committee on Committees before coming up for Senate approval; it will probably be on the agenda again in 2 weeks, under “old business.”

c. Elections Committee
Stephen Bernstein indicated an anomaly in the committee membership of the Excellence in Teaching Committee: there is an extra representative from SEPS. However, the other schools were still represented. Several options were considered, and Senator Mulrooney moved that the Committee retain its current membership for this academic year, with the understanding that the membership will be normalized with elections in the spring. This motion passed with one abstention. (Passed)

The call for elections for several Faculty committees will go out right away.

4. New Business
a. DEC Exceptions

Because this item was added to the agenda recently, the senate voted for inclusion in today’s business. It was unanimously accepted, thereby putting it on the agenda. Senator Reagan moved for acceptance of the DEC Exceptions. The bill was unanimously approved. (Passed)

b. Creation of Ad Hoc Senate Committees

              1. Writing Across the Curriculum

President Barrington indicated that there has long been interest in improving writing of students. After many informal discussions and forums, this seems to be a good time to move to a more organized form of thinking about WAC at CCSU. This committee’s focus would be pedagogical, not curricular. It would not set out to create a new curriculum but to augment existing resources to encourage WAC.  The proposed committee is self-selecting. They’ve appeared at forums and voiced their willingness to work on this. A discussion ensued which reflected many priorities of the existing proposal. Other questions included the difficulties of effecting such a change given our current economic constraints.
The proposal passed unanimously. (Passed)

              2. General Education

After checking with the Curriculum Committee (including the General Education subcommittee), the deans, and the provost, it’s clear that there is broad consensus that this is a good time to think seriously about the possibility of reforming the General Education curriculum
    The purpose of the committee is not to design a new program, but to consider adjustments to existing models that would meet the needs of CCSU. 
    The committee, if adopted, would need to remain communicative and make sure that they are heading down a path that is acceptable to CCSU’s various constituencies. The committee would take up such questions as transfer credits from other universities and community colleges.
The bill passed unanimously. (Passed)

5. Adjournment at 3:45.