CCSU Faculty Senate


March 26, 2012
VAC 105   3:05 PM

The next meeting of the Faculty Senate is on Monday 4/9/12 in Vance 105 at 3:05.

Note: Senate Constitution, Bylaws, Meeting Dates, Agenda and Minutes are posted on the CCSU Pipeline under Faculty Resources/Faculty Senate, or at

Present: Alewitz. M., Alicandro, J., Barr, B., Barrington, C., Calvert, J., Cappella, D., Christensen, S., Cohen, S., Diamond, C. , Dukes, C. , Dziuda, D., Foster, P., Garcia-Bowen, M., Godway, E., Greenfield, B., Hoopengardner, B., Horan, M., Hou, X., Jones, C., Kean, K., Kershner, B., Latour, F. , Mahony, M., Mejia, G., Menoche, C., Morano, P., Mulcahy, C., Mulrooney, J., O'Connor, J., Osoba, B., Pancsofar, E., Percy, V., Poirier, K., Ratansi, S., Sarisley, E., Shell, G., Tellier, A., Vogeler, R., White, C., Wlodarska K., Wood, R.

Parliamentarian: Dimmick, C

Ex-Officio: Lovitt, C., Pease, S., Sakofs, M.

Guests: Bergenn, E., Hicks, E., Jones, J.


The Steering Committee recommended the following items for inclusion on the Consent Agenda:

1. Minutes

Passed Unanimously

Items accepted on the Consent Agenda will be approved without discussion or vote. Please indicate if you would like to have any item removed from the Consent Agenda for discussion and/or floor vote.

Two new items of business (5a and 5b) were approved unanimously for inclusion on the agenda.

1. Approval of Minutes, March 12, 2012 

2. Announcements

a. AAUP President (J. Jones)

You should have received information about voting in the national election. Please vote. AAUP bargaining members don’t vote enough in these elections and are often under represented.

Please note the upcoming rally upcoming for Occupy Higher Ed.on Thurs April 5 at noon.

b. SUOAF-AFSCME President (E. Hicks)

We are moving the small business development center downtown. This is impacting some of our membership

The FAC bill has been revised and now includes some representation from SUOAF.

c. SGA (E. Bergenn)

There is an SGA event on Monday, April 2 from 1-4 -- Blockade to Graduation. It is an open forum for students to express concerns about obstacles to graduation. Especially for students who may be thinking about transferring or who have been at CCSU for more than four years. Come and voice your opinion in a student to student discussion without faculty. Students are encouraged to attend. Please inform your students.

J. Mulrooney added that he was invited to the forum as part of a retention initiative he is involved in. He will be collecting testimony to include in those reports. Because the intention of the forum is for candid testimony from students, faculty are not invited, but please encourage your students to attend.

On a different note, on Wed. 7 pm at there will be a debate on the public service merits of pornography.

d. FAC to Board of Regents (S. Adair)


e. President of the Senate (C. Barrington)


3. Reports

a. Assessment Committee (J. Mulrooney)

See attached report.

b. Elections Committee (J. Mulrooney)

Thanks to Amanda Tellier for her hard work on the ballot. The Mock Ballot is up. The election will begin on Wednesday and run for a little more than a week.

Elections of Senate Officers will take place on 4/9.

4. Unfinished Business—HB 5030

          Final BOR policy

          Policy from CSU Reps (Faculty and Admin)

As one can see from the two attached documents, most of the proposed language (from CSU Faculty and Admin) was included in the final BOR policy. Some wasn’t. One paragraph was omitted and that’s information we don’t want to forget.


Are programs being forced to create a 2-year pathways for transfer students? There are not pathways for some programs at the Community College level. Some programs simply can’t have pathways.

Are pathways going to be general across the state or individualized for each major and institution. We think they will be individualized considering the current offerings.

What will happen to departments if a clear pathway can’t be articulated. Some just won’t have it. In this case, some students will have to take more courses.

How will students be advised? Will CC students get curriculum sheets for CSU programs? It seems that students in CC may not always know that they are taking classes that don’t count.

Provost Lovitt states that there is a budget of $200,000 for development of the program over the summer. These funds are to pay a committee of 18 people to establish the competencies described in the articulation agreement.

Is competency linked to skill or knowledge? Could be both.

5. New Business [these items need to be voted on]

a. Amending of Minutes of 1/23/12

b. Resolution on Financial Transparency (J. Jones) FS 11.12.006R

AAUP brought this resolution to the senate. It originated in the Art department.

University finances are very complex. It can be quite difficult for us to find good information. The way the system presents its audited financial statements doesn’t always correspond with the way it is presented to the UPBC. This resolution asks for the publication of financial data in a comprehensive and clear way, so that we can make better shared governance decisions.

Some questions came up about how personal information (salaries) may be presented?

Several senators asked how this information might be abused. What might other people do with this information? There are many detractors of higher education; will this information give them fodder? Transparency doesn’t bring understanding.

Several people stated that people are always detracting with bad information. At least this will be good information. At present, we are often working with no information or confused infomration. If implemented, this policy can only bring clarity.

The Question was called; one vote against proceeding to a vote.

25 in favor

4 opposed.

Resolution Passed

5. Adjournment 4:15