CCSU Faculty Senate
Minutes—October 10, 2011
VAC 105   3:05 PM

The next meeting of the Faculty Senate is on Monday 10/24/11 in Vance 105 at 3:05.

Note: Senate Constitution, Bylaws, Meeting Dates, Agenda and Minutes are posted on the CCSU Pipeline under Faculty Resources/Faculty Senate, or at

Present: Alewitz, M., Anderson, C., Barr, B., Barrington, C., Braverman, S., Cohen, S., Corbitt, T., Durant, M., Dziuda, D., Farhat, J., Foster, P., Fothergill, W., Garcia-Bowen, M., Godway, E., Greenfield, B., Hoopengardner, B., Horan, M., Hou, X., Iglesias, E., Jarmoszko, A., Johnson, B., Jones, C., Kean, K., Kershner, B., Latour, F. , Lee, L., Mahony, M., Menoche, C., Mione, T., Morano, P., Mulcahy, C., Mulrooney, J., O'Connor, J., Osoba, B., Pancsofar, E., Passaro, M., Percy, V., Piper, B., Poirier, K., Ratansi, S., Reasco, A., Sarisley, E., Slaga, S., Tellier, A., Thornton, E., Vogeler, R., White, C., Wood, R.

Ex-Officio: Lemma, P., Shojai, S.

Parliamentarian: Dimmick, C.

Guests: Hicks, E., Jones, J.


1. Approval of Minutes, September 26, 2011 Approved Unanimously.

2. Announcements

            A. AAUP President (J. Jones)

There will be a chapter meeting on Tuesday 10/18 from 3-4, followed by a social from 4-7. These take place in the Connecticut Room.

The meeting will concern the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Hartford movements. The national AAUP has endorsed the movement.

We will also discuss the higher education re-organization.

There will be a presentation on workplace bullying on 10/18 in the Founders room from 4:30-6:00.

            B. SUOAF-AFSCME President (E. Hicks)

SUOAF-AFSCME is co-sponsoring the workplace bullying presentation, and everyone is encouraged to attend.

            C. President of the Senate (C. Barrington)

1. On Thursday, October 27, the Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee for General Education will hold a campus-wide meeting to discuss its initial ideas for the revision of General Education. The meeting will be held in 231 Copernicus Hall from 3:05 until 4:20 pm. Faculty, students and staff are all welcome.

The Committee encourages members of the campus community to visit our blog where we post suggestions and ideas regarding General Education. The following are the most recent posts:

•    David Harackiewicz (Department of Physical Education and Human Performance), “Wellness Course Important for Incoming Freshmen.”

•    Matt Ciscel (Department of English), “Second Languages in General Education at CCSU.”

The Committee will hold a second open meeting in November as our proposals take shape. For additional information about the Committee, visit our blog or contact Dr. Robert Wolff, Department of History

Senator Cohen asked if it would be possible for the Gen Ed report to be made available before the campus-wide meeting so that people can arrive better informed (emailing the report to the faculty would be most convenient).

2. President Miller and the Faculty Senate will host a second forum later this fall, on Wednesday, 30 November, at 3:00, in the Connecticut Dining Room.

3.    The Faculty Senate Diversity Committee welcomes both full- and part-time faculty to participate in our next d-designation workshop.  The workshop will be held over the course of three sessions, one of which is optional.  The first session will be held on Monday, October 17th,  8am-11am.  All participants are expected to attend the first session, during which we will discuss different ways to make classes more diverse and inclusive in content, pedagogy, and classroom climate.  This will lay the groundwork for working on participants’ syllabi.  There will be two additional sessions. Participants have the option of attending one or both of these sessions.  These two sessions will be informal workshop sessions where participants can work on creating a syllabus and receive feedback. The two sessions will be held Friday, October 21st 9am-11am and Thursday, October 27th 2pm-4pm.  To sign up for the workshop or if you have questions, please contact Audra King ( or Kurt Love (

4.    Central Connecticut State University has invited former Secretary of "Defense" Robert Gates for its Vance Lecture on November 8th.  CCSUProfs4Progress will hold an organizational meeting on Wednesday, October 12th, 7pm in the lounge of the Art Department, Maloney Hall, CCSU campus to discuss organizing a public demonstration in response.  We invite all those interested in promoting peace and social justice to join us.

5. Because October happens to have five Mondays, there will be no meeting of the Senate or steering committee that day, and we have decided to schedule an open meeting of AAUP faculty. This will not be a union meeting or a senate meeting, but a chance for faculty to express and discuss issues of pressing concern. This forum will offer an opportunity for senators to hear directly from faculty, and allow faculty to air issues they think should come before the senate.

6. President Barrington noted that there was a late request to add an item to the agenda. Adding such an item at this point requires Senate approval.

A motion to add Item #7 New Business: Resolution in Support of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Hartford was moved and seconded and passed unanimously.

3. Election of Committees

Two elections were held. One for the Committee on Academic Freedom (three members were needed), and one for the Distinguished Service Award Committee (one vacancy).

The new members of the Committee on Academic Freedom are: B. Osoba, C. Pope, and C. White.

The new representative on the Distinguished Service Award Committee is Karen Ritzenhoff.

4. Charges to Committees: C. Barrington

Elections Committee— We need to implement strategies to bring more faculty into the governance process.

Constitution and Bylaws— There is no provision for interim replacements for Vice President or Secretary. Those provisions should be written. The section of the bylaws that determines the Senate Calendar must also be rewritten to bring it into alignment with the new academic calendar.

Appointments and Personnel— There are two important issues for this year: 1) how do we bring down the number of full-time emergency appointments and replace these with full-time tenure track appointments; 2) we need to pay attention to the ratio of full-time to part-time teaching faculty. President Barrington asks the committee to look at both issues, especially in light of how we can utilize our faculty to best serve our students.

Committee on Committees and Committee on Academic Freedom: These committees need to work together to review our bylaws to make sure they are in accord with the AAUP document On the Relationship of Faculty Governance to Academic Freedom.  Also review and possibly redraft the document Functions and Responsibilities of Standing Committees of the CCSU Faculty (section 4.21 of the CCSU Faculty Handbook) which is now more than a decade old.

5. Committee Reports—Curriculum Committee Report of 10/5/11  FS 11.12.003B (D. Adams)

D. Adams presented the report, and also presented a draft for a new plan for updating (annually) the undergraduate and graduate catalogues. The new plan is appended to the report. Please contact D. Adams if you have any suggestions about how to improve the process of updating the catalogue. The curriculum committee hopes to have a final set of recommendations for this process by the end of this semester. The report passed unanimously.

6. Unfinished Business—Committee on Committees-- P & T bylaws  (F. Latour) FS11.12.004B

These changes had been introduced at the previous meeting of the senate. The changes were approved unanimously.

7. New Business—Resolution in support of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Hartford (B. Greenfield) FS1112001R

Senator Greenfield presented the resolution and stated that the language for the resolution was adapted from the one supported by the national AAUP. She stated that it’s important for institutions such as ours to support these ideas because, in part, the movement was initiated by young people. The resolution advocates for the future of our students—something we should do. We need to not only help students in the classroom but beyond it. She stated that the movement is a good example of democracy in action. We have an opportunity to help shape the movement by acknowledging its demands as legitimate ones.

Other senators added that the movement may have started with young people, but now a number of constituencies have joined it or endorsed it (unions, veterans, and people representing a range of demographics and from much different regions). It is a grassroots movement.

Questions were asked about how this movement differed from the Tea Party. Several voices stated that the Tea Party was bankrolled by private interests from the very beginning.

Some senators indicated that it was difficult to lend support to something so ill-defined.

Senator Pancsofar asked if we were obligated to take this resolution to our departments, or if the senators are simply speaking for themselves. President Barrington indicated that because the resolution mentions the senate rather than the CCSU Faculty, senators can simply vote their conscience on this resolution.

A motion was made to change in the second paragraph: “diverted money from education and social services” to “diverted money from education, social services, and infrastructure.”

Several senators thought that the emphasis on military spending (especially at the end of the resolution) lent too much weight to military spending at the expense of other issues (bank regulation, for example). A motion was made to cut the phrase from the end of the resolution “by bringing the troops and war dollars home now.” A second motion suggested cutting a bit more so that the resolution ends on an even more general note (ending the resolution after the word “justice.”)

Some advocated that the emphasis on military spending was central. Others suggested that the language emphasizing war radicalized or overly narrowed the resolution, and asked: why is the movement “Occupy Wall Street” and not “Occupy the Pentagon”?

The question was called on removing the last clause and changing the wording in the second paragraph.

Voting results: In Favor 25, Opposed 11, Abstentions 4

Senators expressed a wish that, if passed, the resolution be sent to the office of Mark McLaughlin (Institutional Advancement) with the request that it be sent out as a press release. The resolution should also be shared with the Central Recorder. In each case remind the recipients that the resolution comes from the CCSU Faculty Senate, not from the CCSU Faculty.

The question was called. The resolution passed with 1 opposed and 4 abstentions.

7. Adjournment at 4:15