CCSU Faculty Senate

Minutes—April 29, 2013 

VAC 105   3:05 PM

Present: Alewitz, M.; Anderson, C.; Barr, B.; Battle, S.; Bernstein, S.; Best, F.; Bilisoly, R.; Cappella, D.; Cohen, S.; Cox, S.; Delventhal, T.; Diamond, C.; Durant, M.; Farhat, J.; Foster, P.; Fothergill, W.; Garcia-Bowen, M.; Greenfield, B.; Hicks, E.; Hoopengardner, B.; Horowitz, S.; Hou, X.; Jackson, M.; Johnson, D.; Jones, C.; Karpuk, P.; Kean, K.; Kovel, J.; Kullgren, A.; Latour, F.; Mamed, O.; McGuire, M.; Mejia, G.; Nangle, K.; O'Connor, J.; Pancsofar, E.; Paolino, J.; Poirier, K.; Ragusett, J.; Reasco, A.; Sadanand, N.; Santoro, K.; Sarisley, E.; Snyder, J.; Sweeney, D.; Tafrate, R.; Tellier, A.; Tully, J.; Walsh, S.; Wang, W.; White, C.; Williams, C.

Ex-Officio: Lemma, P.; Lovitt, C.

Parliamentarian: Dimmick, C.

President of the Senate: Mulrooney, J.

Guests: Stephen Adair (FAC to the BOR); David Blitz (Philosophy, Ad Hoc Committee on Campus Safety); Matt Ciscel (English, Library Committee); Jason Jones (CCSU-AAUP); Kristine Larsen (Physics and Earth Sciences, UPBC); Paul Petterson (Political Science, Committee on Academic Advising); Paul Resetarits (Manufacturing and Construction Management, UAB); Paul Schlickmann (Director of Athletics); Susan Seider (Teacher Education, Graduate Studies Committee); Sarah Stookey (Management and Organization, Community Engagement Committee); Jeffrey Thomas (Physics and Earth Sciences)

The Steering Committee recommends the following items for inclusion on the Consent Agenda:

1. Minutes

3e-i. Reports from Grade Appeals Committee, Committee on Academic Advising, University Athletics Board, Library Committee, Community Engagement Committee

Items accepted on the Consent Agenda will be approved without discussion or vote. Please indicate if you would like to have any item removed from the Consent Agenda for discussion and/or floor vote.

Consent agenda approved unanimously

1. Approval of Minutes, April 15, 2013

Approved as consent agenda item

2. Announcements

a.  AAUP President (J. Jones)

CCSU-AAUP election results are in; the new President is Mary Ann Mahony, and the new Vice President is Guy Crundwell.

There will be an AAUP social on May 1, from 3 to 7pm, in the Connecticut Room.

There will be a free dinner with a speaker on MOOCs on May 17.

The Faculty Senate thanked Jason Jones for his service as CCSU-AAUP President.

b.  SUOAF-AFSCME President (E. Hicks)

The Chapter Meeting will be tomorrow; new president Jody Barr will be introduced. There will be refreshments.

There will be a Sabbatical Leave workshop for SUOAF-AFSCME members on May 3.

The FAC election is ready to start. 6 people are running, and their statements have been distributed.

c.  SGA (E. Bergenn)

No announcements.

d.  FAC to the BOR (S. Adair)

The BOR has been lobbying against SB 867, which would provide for non-voting faculty representation on the BOR.

UCONN has approved 18 majors to be offered at their regional campuses. This is a dramatic transformation, as it seems to put UCONN directly in competition with the CSUs. However, the programs will need to be approved by the Board of Regents.

e.  President of the Senate (J. Mulrooney)

On May 15, there will be a meeting of the leaders of the CSU faculty senates and AAUP chapters. They will draft a letter asking the BOR to vote no on this.

Also, the CSU Professors will be involved in drafting a response; Senator and CSU Professor Best will contact them.

3. Committee Reports

a.  Elections Committee (S. Bernstein)

Elections were held for all committees with members elected by the Faculty Senate. Here are the names of the winners:

Academic Integrity Committee
Kathy Bantley (A&S)
Steven Bernstein (Library)
Xiaobing Hou (E&T)
Pierre Rivolta (A&S)
Fu-Shang Wei (E&T)
CCSU Foundation Board of Directors
Carolyn Fallahi (A&S)
CCSU Foundation Grant Advisory Committee
Julie Schnobrich-Davis (A&S)
Fu-Shang Wei (E&T)
Distinguished Service Award Committee
Lisa Marie Bigelow (SUOAF-AFSME)
Paul Solomon (Business)
Grade Appeals Committee
Zakri Bello (Business)
2-WAY RUNOFF between Nara Mijid (A&S) and Krishna Saha (A&S)
Library Committee
Patrick Foster (E&T)
Rae C. Schipke (A&S)
2-WAY RUNOFF between Marian Anton (A&S) and Ravi Shankar (A&S)
Student Affairs Committee
Susan Gilmore (A&S)
Kristine Larsen (A&S)
University Athletics Board
Bobbie Koplowitz (Academic Affairs)
Jacob Kovel (E&T)
Jason Sikorski (A&S)
Jason Snyder (Business)
3-WAY RUNOFF between Diana Cohen (A&S), Susan Koski (A&S), and Sean Walsh (E&PS)
University Planning & Budget Committee
Thom Delventhal (A&S)
Rae C. Schipke (A&S)

b.  Graduate Studies Committee (S. Seider) FS.12.13.021B

Graduate Studies Committee Chair Susan Seider presented the report, which includes policy changes. Paulette Lemma, Dean of Graduate Studies, is retiring. A scholarship has been created in her honor; if you would like to make a donation, please contact Carolyn Fallahi or Susan Seider.

Report approved unanimously

c.  University Planning and Budget Committee (K. Larsen)

Strategic Plan Objectives

UPBC Chair Kristine Larsen presented the report. Senator Jackson voiced concerns about item 3a. He said that the current wording of the item seems to imply that the UPBC supports the creation of a STEM school, even though some departments that should logically be included in such a school have not been consulted. Perhaps the word "charged" should be changed to "asked"? Or, even better, this vision should be created by an ad hoc committee formed by the Faculty Senate, which would discuss the issues involved in the possible creation of a STEM school, both budgetary and academic.

Senator Sarisley asked if anyone brought up that the vision for a STEM school is not new, it was formulated 12 years ago under the current Dean of the School of Engineering and Technology, Zdzislaw Kremens. Also, is this discussion of a STEM school simply a reaction to the Governor granting immense amounts of money to UCONN for the expansion of their STEM programs? Professor Larsen answered both questions in the negative.

Senator Karpuk proposed changing "vision" to "preliminary design" or "concept".

Senator White stated that the wording is problematic; it seems to imply that we are going to have a STEM school. The wording should clarify that we are exploring the possibility of having one.

Provost Lovitt clarified that there has been an ongoing conversation between him, President Miller and the Deans on this issue. Some departments have expressed interest in moving to the School of Engineering and Technology. Now that President Miller has been at CCSU for 8 years, he wants to bring some closure to these discussions. He wants something done by the end of the academic year 2013-14, and it should be a decision, a YES or a NO, and if YES, let's make it happen. Provost Lovitt was charged by President Miller to bring this discussion to a conclusion.

Senator Cox questioned why the report has been sent to President Miller before being presented to the Faculty Senate, considering that the UPBC is a Standing Committee of the Faculty, which advises the President through the Senate.

Professor Blitz would like some clarification on item 8 of the budgetary recommendations. He would like some numbers, and stated that, at some institutions, the administration has eliminated viable programs by using strange accounting rules to determine that the programs were losing money.

Report sent back to UPBC for amendment, based on Faculty Senate concerns

d.  Ad Hoc Committee on Campus Safety (D. Blitz)

Senator Blitz presented the report of the committee, and requested Senate approval for the committee to:

  • start preparing an information pamphlet on campus safety (recommendation 6)
  • be renewed for the academic year 2013-14, to begin monitoring the implementation of the recommendations (recommendation 19)

Motion (Diamond/Jackson): to add Mark McLaughlin, Christopher Dukes and Laura Tordenti to the committee: Approved.

Motion (Fothergill/Diamond): to add Christopher Diamond to the committee: Approved.

Motion to allow the committee to start preparing an information pamphlet and to continue its work through the academic year 2013-14 approved

e.  Grade Appeals Committee (L. Bowman)

Included on Consent Agenda

f.  Committee on Academic Advising (P. Petterson)

Included on Consent Agenda

g.  University Athletics Board (P. Resetarits, K. Bantley)

Included on Consent Agenda

h.  Library Committee (M. Ciscel, J. Sawyer)

Included on Consent Agenda

i.  Community Engagement Committee (S. Stookey)

Included on Consent Agenda

4. New Business   

a.  Committee on Committees: Promotion and Tenure Committee Bylaws revision (B. Hoopengardner)

Approved unanimously

b.  Academic Standards Committee: Cross-listed courses catalog language (F. Latour)

Dean Lemma pointed out that the Graduate Studies Committee supports the inclusion of the same language in the Graduate Catalog.

Senator Cohen said that the language seems to disallow counting a topics course for credit more than once under some circumstances. After some discussion, it was determined that adding the words "on the same topic" before "under the other identifier" would solve the problem.

Motion: To amend the document by adding "and Graduate" before "Catalog" and "on the same topic" before "under the other identifier".

Amendment approved unanimously

Cross-listed courses catalog language approved unanimously

c.  Academic Standards Committee: Fall Commencement Resolution (F. Latour)

Postponed to the next meeting, pending consideration by the Policy Subcommittee of the Graduate Studies Committee

d.  Statement from Physics Faculty (N. Sadanand)

Motion (Sadanand/Jones): An ad hoc committee of the Senate be constituted for the express purpose of investigating the issues raised by the Physics faculty at CCSU, viz.,

  • need for at least one additional full-time Physics faculty to deliver the required instruction in introductory and upper-level Physics courses consistent with CCSU’s mission and future goals;
  • maintenance of existing Physics space for instruction and research;
  • separation of the Physics program into an independent department.

The Committee should be composed of five faculty members who are not directly concerned with the matters to be investigated and who come from departments that are involved in Science instruction, Scientific thought and cognition, such as Biology, Engineering, Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychological Science, Philosophy, Anthropology - and the report from the Committee should be presented to the Senate by the first Senate meeting of November 2013.

Senator White asked whether or not the Senate has jurisdiction over these issues. Senate President Mulrooney stated that the administration determines which departments get new full-time faculty lines, and how space is allocated. The Senate makes recommendations to the administration on the creation of new departments.

AAUP President Jones stated that the Collective Bargaining Agreement is poorly equipped to handle intra-departmental disputes. Therefore, the Faculty Senate is an appropriate forum for this motion.

Senator Tully believes that caution should be exercised when involving the Senate in intra-departmental issues, unless there is a case that involves procedure or discrimination.

Senator Anderson stated that Physics is crucial for Engineering. The students need to learn the course material, and the level of instruction matters. Therefore, the Engineering department needs to be part of this discussion. It is important both for reasons of student success and accreditation.

Senator Sadanand said that the Senate should not sit in judgement, but rather investigate the issues. Since there are many programs that are directly dependent on Physics, he believes that the way that Physics is being treated is untenable.

Senator Karpuk said that the committee could not only gather information, but also help resolve disputes.

Motion approved (21 Senators in favor, 5 opposed)

Professor Larsen pointed out that, even though Senator Sadanand stated that he was not speaking as a representative of his whole department, he did vote in favor of the resolution.

Senator Best stated that the committee should also meet with the Dean of the Ammon School of Arts and Sciences.

5. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:43pm.