CCSU Faculty Senate

Minutes—December 3, 2012

VAC 105   3:05 PM

Present: Alewitz, M.; Anderson, C.; Antonucci, C.; Arena, J.; Ayalon, A.; Ball, K.; Battle, S.; Bilisoly, R.; Bishop, R.; Blake, E.; Boscarino, N.; Cohen, S.; Cox, S.; Diamond, C.; Farhat, J.; Foster, P.; Garcia-Bowen, M.; Greenfield, B.; Hicks, E.; Hoopengardner, B.; Horowitz, S.; Hou, X.; Jackson, M.; Johnson, D.; Kean, K.; Kershner, B.; Kovel, J.; Kullgren, A.; Kurkjian, C.; Larsen, K.; Latour, F.; Lisi, P.; Mamed, O.; McGuire, M.; Pancsofar, E.; Paolino, J.; Pearson, F.; Perdue, L.; Perry, W.; Poirier, K.; Raajpoot, N.; Ragusett, J.; Reasco, A.; Santoro, K.; Sarisley, E.; Shen, X.; Slaga, S.; Snyder, J.; Tafrate, R.; Tellier, A.; Tully, J.; Walsh, S.; White, C.; Williams, C.


Ex-Officio: Lemma, P.; Pease, S.; Shojai, S.

Parliamentarian: Dimmick, C.

President of the Senate: Mulrooney, J.

Guests: Stephen Adair (FAC to the BOR); Eric Bergenn (SGA President); German Bermudez (OIRA); Laura Tordenti (VP Student Affairs);

1. Approval of Minutes, November 26, 2012

Approved unanimously

2. Announcements

a.  AAUP President (J. Snyder for J. Jones)

There will be a CCSU-AAUP chapter meeting / holiday social on Wednesday, December 5 at 3pm in the Connecticut Room. Topics for discussion include budgetary rescissions, the Transfer and Articulation Policy, and updates on grievances.

CCSU-AAUP will organize an event in support of higher education; planning meeting will be on February 1.

b.  SUOAF-AFSCME President (E. Hicks)

The SUOAF-AFSCME bus trip to New York City on December 1 was successful.

The separation of the BOR SUOAF-AFSCME members from the chapter is moving forward.

Toys for "Toys for Tots" will be collected at the SUOAF-AFSCME holiday party, on December 18. Also, used books for children can be brought to Lisa Bigelow's office, for donation to a sister school in Jamaica.

c.  SGA (E. Bergenn)

No announcements.

d.  FAC to the BOR (S. Adair)

The FAC believes that the TAP should be ratified by the faculty governance bodies. On November 15, the FAC asked the BOR to pass a resolution in support of the ratification process; they refused. On November 14, the ConnSCU Academic Council has agreed that the TAP did not need to be approved by the faculty governance bodies.

There will be a meeting of the Academic and Student Affairs Committee of the BOR on December 7, partly to discuss this matter.

On October 18, the BOR adopted a very global Information Technology policy, which gives them a lot of control, and clearly states that there is no expectation of privacy when using CSU e-mail or computers. Also, CCSU communication must be done using CCSU e-mail.

Senator Hicks asked if this includes confidential union correspondance - can they read it without a FOIA request?

The matter of the Information Technology policy was referred to the Academic Freedom Committee.

e.  President of the Senate (J. Mulrooney)

Faculty members should run Identity Finder by January 14, which is the new deadline. The Information Technology department will be holding workshops in December to help us with the software.

3. Committee Reports

No reports.

4. New Business

a.  Board of Regents' Strategic Plan for ConnSCU FS.12.13.002R

Statement from Faculty Advisory Committee

Stephen Adair discussed the BOR's Strategic Plan. We do not want the missions of the various institutions within ConnSCU to become too "aligned"; neither do the community colleges, who worry that they are becoming satellite institutions of the CSUs.

The idea of a mission statement that is consistent thoughout the entire ConnSCU system came from the Board of Regents.

We should be concerned, because several accountability measures will be tied to the new strategic plan, and it is likely that these acccountability measures will affect funding. About 20-25 people are working on determining the metrics, many of which have already been determined. There does not seem to be much we can to to stop this.

Senator White is confused, and on the cusp of being outraged, because it seems like the BOR developed a single strategic mission for the entire ConnSCU system, which is in direct violation of the statutory language, which requires maintaining the distinct missions of each part of the system. It seems like the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) is acting on its own, in direct contradiction to a legislative mandate.

However, the BOR's Strategic Planning Committee does not believe that they are in violation of the law.

Also, it seems like the president of UCONN is part of the group that is writing our mission statement. Why?

Apparently, they are also working on drafts of mission statements for the different parts of the system; however, these mission statements are completely removed from the accountability measures.

Senator Alewitz is wondering if anyone is formulation a vision that is respectful of our students, our faculty, and of the various communities of Connecticut.

Senator White believes that the vision that underlies the strategic plan is that of workforce development; under that vision, the role of ConnSCU would simply be to produce workers to serve the demands of Connecticut's employers.

Senator Greenfield believe it is also the "completion agenda", whose goal is to get as many students as possible to graduate with a college degree, regardless of what or how much they actually learn.

Senator Ayalon worries that, in the future, our funding may be reduced if our students do not get jobs after graduation.

Senator Alewitz stated that we should support the FAC's statement, and added that the Senate needs to present a clear statement of the faculty's position. There has to be a real vision for higher education in the State of Connecticut. The BOR does not really have a view on higher education; they just want to train people to fill jobs. We believe that there is an important place for our university in our society, that we do not want to let it go down the tubes, that what we do has value, that we can take a few billion dollars from the rich (who can certainly afford it) to invest in higher education, so that our students become more than just debt slaves.

Senator Ayalon belives that Governor Malloy needs to bring faculty to the table when discussing the future of higher education.

Based on the discussion, the following three motions were made (all combined into one resolution):

(1) (Cohen/Foster) The CCSU Faculty Senate supports the Faculty Advisory Committee’s response to the Board of Regents’ strategic plan.

This response encourages the Board of Regents to develop distinct missions (as required by PA 11-48 section 230) and vision statements with corresponding goals, metrics, and strategic actions for each type of public higher education institution. Further, the FAC encourages the BOR to adopt the processes outlined in a BOR powerpoint from December 2011 (see to consult with faculty and other stakeholders in developing separate mission statements and respective strategic plans that are coordinated across the ConnSCU system.

Approved unanimously

(2) (Tully/Alewitz) The CCSU Faculty Senate demands that the Board of Regents and its constituent committees cease and desist in the development and adoption of any mission statements, vision statements, goals or metrics related to CCSU without the full consultation and participation of the entire CCSU community.

Approved unanimously

(3) (Alewitz/Tully) This resolution (#2) shall be presented together with the resolution in support of the Faculty Advisory Committee’s statement.

Approved unanimously

An ad hoc committee was created, under the name "The Visionaries of CCSU", and consisting of Senators Alewitz, Ayalon, Greenfield, Hicks, Snyder, plus one representative of the Student Government Association, to initiate a discussion on a draft of a reply to the BOR's strategic plan.

b.  Approval of December undergraduate and graduate candidates for graduation (FS.12.13.009B and FS.12.13.010B)

Dean Pease for the Ammon School of Arts and Sciences

Dean Shojai for the School of Business

Dean Pease, filling in for Dean Sakofs for the School of Education and Professional Studies

Dean Pease, filling in for Dean Kremens for the School of Engineering and Technology

Dean Lemma for the School of Graduate Studies

presented the lists of December 2012 candidates for graduation, subject to the satisfactory completion of all degree requirements.

Approved unanimously

c.  Committee on Committees (B. Hoopengardner)

Functions and Responsibilities of Standing Committees of the Faculty

The proposed update to the document was presented to the Faculty Senate.

After a discussion of items N (there should be a provision to allow committees such as the Graduate Studies Committee to extend term limits beyond six years without requiring Senate approval) and R.2 (a fixed number of voting seats should be reserved for students), the document was refered back to the committee.

5. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:43.