CCSU Faculty Senate

Minutes—April 28, 2014

VAC 105   3:05 PM

Present: Anderson, C.; Arena, J.; Barr, B.; Bernstein, S.; Best, F.; Bigelow, L.; Bilisoly, R.; Blake, E.; Boscarino, N.;  Broadus-Garcia, C.; Cox, S.; D'Addio, D.; Diamond, C.; Emeagwali, G.; Fallon, M.; Foster, P.; Fothergill, W.; Garcia-Bowen, M.; Hazan, S.; Hicks, E.; Horowitz, S.; Hou, X.; Jackson, M.; Johnson, D.; Karpuk, P.; Kean, K.; Koplowitz, B.; Kovel, J.; Larsen, K.; Latour, F.; Leon, J.; Liard-Muriente, C.; Love, K.; Mamed, O.; Martin-Troy, K.; McGuire, M.; Melnyk, J.; Pancsofar, E.; Paolino, J.; Pearson, F.; Phillips, E.; Pozorski, A.; Ragusett, J.; Retelle, E.; Santoro, K.; Sarisley, E.; Shen, X.; Snyder, J.; Solomon, P.; Sweeney, D.; Tellier, A.; Tomoda, S.; Tully, J.; White, C.; Williams, C.; Zummer, T.

Ex-Officio: Alfano, M.; Fitzgerald, G.; Lovitt, C.; Malhas, F.; Pease, S.; Shojai, S.

Parliamentarian: Dimmick, C.

President of the Senate: Cohen, S.

Guests: Stephen Adair (FAC to the BOR); Mary Pat Bigley (SEPS); Matt Ciscel (IASC co-chair); Alex Lee (SGA); Meg Levvis (Nursing); Mary Ann Mahony (CCSU-AAUP President); Charles Menoche (IT committee chair); Rachel Schwell (Academic Standards Chair); Simms Sonet (SGA); Patrick Tucker (Registrar); Lilian Uribe (Modern Languages)

1. Approval of Minutes, April 14, 2014

Approved Unanimously

2. Announcements

a.  AAUP President (M. A. Mahony)

While three council members were elected on the first ballot of the AAUP Council Election, there will be a runoff for the fourth seat. Remember to vote in that runoff election.

There will be a Promotion and Tenure workshop tomorrow, and a Sabbatical Leave workshop on Wednesday at 3pm. Also, on Thursday at 3pm, there will be a chapter meeting and social.

Please respond to the survey about chapter meetings for next year. The survey is about times and topics for next year's meetings.

On May 9, at 11am, the Leadership Group wil meet with BOR President Gray; one topic of discussion will be the Boston Consulting Group.

b.  SUOAF-AFSCME President (E. Hicks)

The annual meeting will be on June 12.

SUOAF-AFSCME leaders will meet with Gray and are very concerned about the impact of Transform CSCU 2020 on administrative faculty, especially those in admissions, information technology and institutional research. So far, Gray has not given us many details about the plan.

c.  SGA (S. Sonet)

New SGA President Simms Sonet introduced himself. Alex Lee of the SGA talked about strong undergraduate support for the Fall Commencement resolution; in a survey, 273 students said that they were in favor, and 7 were opposed.

d.  FAC to the BOR (S. Adair)

The FAC will present to the BOR on May 12, and will meet with the Boston Consulting Group on May 9 (the FAC meets from 2 to 5pm). The FAC is concerned about the proposal for a systemwide Academic Master Plan.

e.  President of the Faculty Senate (S. Cohen)

The President of the Senate has appointed Senator David Johnson (part-time faculty representative, Geography department) to a committee to select the company that will be awarded the contract to provide food service to our campus.

3. Committee Reports

a.  General Education Implementation Committee interim report (for informational purposes only)

In the absence of committee chair Beth Merenstein, the report was presented by Senate President Cohen.

b.  Committee on Academic Advising (S. Cohen)

The report was presented by committee chair Stephen Cohen.

c.  Information Technology Committee (C. Menoche)

The report was presented to the Senate; Senator Barr asked that, in the future, transitions such as the one from Finalsite to Dreamweaver should be done between semesters.

4. Unfinished Business

a.  Committee on Committees - Bylaws revision: International and Area Studies Committee

The proposed bylaws were amended to remove references to the committee's control over the Center for International Education.

Senators Hicks and Diamond expressed concerns about the procedure for writing the bylaws. It was said that, even though some administrative faculty will be affected by the work of the new committee, there was no representation from administrative faculty on the committee that wrote the bylaws, and no voting administrative committee member on the committee.

Senator Liard-Muriente said that many Arts and Sciences chairs would like to postpone this matter until the Fall semester. This would give the new CIE director a chance to look at the bylaws. Professor Uribe agreed with his concerns.

Senator Best said that he would like to increase the number of A&S faculty on the committee from 1 to 2, and decrease the number of at-large faculty from 4 to 3.

Senator Shen said that there are 77 faculty members from a wide range of departments involved in the IAS program, and that the initial draft called for 6 elected faculty on the committee, but this was increased to 8 in order to allow for broader representation for A&S faculty.

Professor Ciscel said that this document is essentially the same as the one that has been circulated since the beginning of the semester, with small adjustments. Postponing until the new CIE director arrives is unnecessary because there is no reference to the CIE in this version. He also said that the goal is to have academic programs run by a standing committee of the faculty, rather than a temporary committee (the Internationalization Lab, or I-Lab) not created by the senate (which he says is in violation of the AAUP contract and of shared governance).

Senator Bigelow said that the I-Lab has strong representation from the faculty (over 20 members) and was created to meet an existing need. She also said that there were not enough voices involved in the creation of the bylaws of the new committee. Nursing (which sends the highest percentage of majors abroad) and Engineering and Technology (which has the most international students) are not represented on IASC but are represented on the I-Lab.

Senator Karpuk talked about the history of the IASC. Even though there is a committee and an IDP, it was decided in 1992 that it would be more convenient to have the same person be chair of the IASC and director of the IDP.

Motion (Best/Hicks): To postpone action on this matter to the next meeting of the Faculty Senate.

Motion defeated: 18 senators in favor, 25 opposed

Motion (Martin-Troy): To create the International Education Committee as a shell committee, with no bylaws, and for the President of the Faculty Senate to appoint an ad hoc committee to make recommendations about the bylaws of the committee to the Faculty Senate.

Motion approved: 3 senators opposed

5. New Business

a.  Spring 2014 and Summer 2014 candidates for graduation (Deans Pease, Shojai, Alfano, Malhas and Fitzgerald)

Approved unanimously

b.  Promotion and Tenure policy

Senator Best asked whether this is a mandate for faculty not to use plastic sleeves, and Senator Broadus-Garcia expressed concerns that faculty who have been using plastic sleeves in their portfolio will have to do a lot of work to comply.

CCSU-AAUP President Mahony said that this is not a mandate and therefore does not violate the contract. P&T committee member Jackson and P&T committee chair Foster said that this change is requested both by the administration and this year's committee members.

Policy amendment approved: 3 senators opposed

c.  Academic Standards Committee (F. Latour for R. Schwell)

i.  Nursing program retention policy

Approved unanimously

ii. Date of Last Attendance and FN grade policy

Registrar Patrick Tucker spoke about the proposal, which is related to the need for compliance with federal financial aid regulations.

Senators Sarisley and Best expressed concern that the policy, as written, could be seen as a mandate for faculty to take attendance, because otherwise, there is no way to know the exact date of last attendance.

Motion (Sarisley/Best): To amend (1) by adding the word "approximate" twice, once before "last date" and once before "date".

Amendment approved, with one senator opposed

Policy approved

iii. Fall Commencement Resolution

Graduate Studies Committee's response to Fall Commencement Resolution

Student Government Association letter about Fall Commencement

A motion to suspend the rules was made to allow the Senate to consider item 5d before 5ciii. The motion to suspend the rules was successful.

Action on this item was postponed due to lack of quorum.

d.  Committee on Committees - Bylaws revisions

i. Advisory Committee for CSU Professorship bylaws

Committee Chair Jacob Kovel spoke about the revision of the bylaws.

Approved unanimously

ii. Board of Regents Research Award Committee bylaws

Senator Broadus-Garcia called for quorum. A quorum was not present, and the meeting was therefore adjourned.

Action on this item was postponed due to lack of quorum.

iii. Board of Regents Teaching Award Committee bylaws

Action on this item was postponed due to lack of quorum.

iv. Bylaws of the Faculty Senate

Action on this item was postponed due to lack of quorum.

6. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:59pm due to lack of quorum.