[ MEMBERSHIP 2018-19 ]


Luz Amaya-Bower (Engineering) 19

Christina Barmon (Sociology) 20

Michelle Cubellis (Criminology and Criminal Justice) 20

Jill Espelin (Nursing) 20

Fan He (Finance) 19

Susan Koski (Criminology and Criminal Justice) 19

Matthew Martin (Physical Education and Human Performance) 20

Maria Mongillo (Educational Leadership, Policy, and Instructional Technology) 19

Renata Vickrey (Library) 19



Conduct Administrator (ex officio and non-voting)


The Academic Integrity Committee advocates for, and raises awareness of, academic integrity issues at CCSU; the responsibility for acting with integrity remains up to each member of the university. The Committee reports to the Faculty Senate about the status of the Academic Misconduct Policy. The Committee generates educational resources, promotes awareness regarding academic misconduct, and may propose amendments to the policy.

[ BY LAWS ]    

A standing committee of the CCSU faculty , the Academic Integrity Committee is comprised of 9 faculty members (with at least one member from the library), 1 graduate student, and 1 undergraduate student. The Conduct Administrator is an ex officio, non-voting member.


Faculty members are elected by the senate to staggered two-year terms. Graduate and undergraduate members will be nominated by their governments.


At the first fall meeting, the AIC will choose a chair, vice-chair, and secretary. Officers serve for one year, and cannot serve for more than two consecutive years.


1. Chair: Convenes meetings; distributes an agenda 3 working days in advance; participates in debates and can vote. Represents the AIC to the faculty senate, to other relevant university bodies, or arranges alternative representation.

2. Vice-Chair: Serves as chair in the chair’s absence.

3. Secretary: Records the disposition of committee business, keeping an accurate record of any resolutions and any votes, and distributes such a record (“the minutes”) to the committee members 3 working days in advance of the next meeting.


The Academic Integrity Committee will meet as a body once a month (and can meet more frequently with a majority vote), while subcommittees may meet an additional time per month. By petition of at least three committee members, the chair will convene an emergency meeting at the earliest possible time. All revisions to the by-laws that originate with the Committee may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the members present at any meeting of the Committee; such revisions to the by-laws must be subsequently approved by the Faculty Senate.



Duties of the AIC include
1. Collecting, reporting, and analyzing data from the Conduct Administrator about faculty use of the academic misconduct policy.

2. Advocating for the use of the formal policy for determining academic misconduct.

3. Educating the campus community about academic misconduct.

4. Revising the academic misconduct policy as circumstances dictate.

5. Identifying and disseminating best practices in combating academic misconduct.

6. Maintaining the Academic Integrity website as a resource for students and faculty.

Approved by the Faculty Senate: May 9, 2011