[ MEMBERSHIP 2018-19 ]

Department  Senator TrmEnd PrevYrs
Elected Member Bishop, J. 19 1
Elected Member Halkin, S. 19 1
Elected Member Labedz, C. 20 2
Elected Member Marjani, S. 20 2
Elected Member McGuckin, B. 20 2
Elected Member Sikorski, J. 19 0
Elected Member Tully, J. 20 0
Elected Member Zhou, B. 19 1
CLASS - Dean's Appointee Horan, M.     
Business - Dean's Appointee Guzman, J.     
SEPS - Dean's Appointee LoGiudice, S.    
SEST - Dean's Appointee Gamache, J.     
Director, Recruitment & Admissions - ex officio Hall, L.     
Director, Academic Center for Student Athletes - ex officio Oliva, K.     
Director, CACE or appointee - ex officio Marquez, C.    
Director, FYE - ex officio      
Director, Institutional Research & Assessment - ex officio Kirby, Y.     
Student Carpa, J.    



The Committee on Academic Advising serves as a collective forum for the review of the University’s undergraduate advising systems and the generation of new ideas. The committee serves to build partnerships between faculty and administrative offices as it relates to advising. The committee monitors and examines undergraduate advising at the University and provides recommendations for changes and improvements.


Committee membership will be composed as follows:

Eight teaching faculty elected by the faculty, one from each academic school and four at- large members.
One representative from each academic school appointed by the Dean of the school
Ex Officio and voting members including:
The faculty director of the FYE program or designee
The Director of Admissions or designee
The Director of the Academic Center for Student Athletes or designee
The Director of the Center for Advising and Career Exploration (CACE) or designee
One student member to be appointed by the Student Government Association.
Ex Officio and non-voting members including:
The Director of Institutional Research and Assessment

Terms: Dean Appointees and Elected members of the committee will serve two year terms and may serve up to three consecutive terms. Members from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the School of Business and two at-large members will be elected during the Spring in even numbered years. The members from the School of Education and Professional Studies, the School of Engineering, Science, and Technology and two at-large members will be elected during the Spring of odd numbered years.

The winners of the school-specific positions shall be the candidates from those schools receiving the most votes. The winners of the at-large positions shall be the candidates receiving the most votes once the school-specific winners are removed from the pool.

The student member will serve a one-year term.

Functions and Responsibilities

1.      Define academic advising and establish outcomes for advising

2.      Articulate the roles and expectations of the various advising systems on campus

·                     Center for Advising and Career Exploration

·                     School advising centers

·                     Academic departments

·                     Supplemental systems

3.      Build partnerships to facilitate effective advising collaborations, both internal and external to the University

4.      Consult with other constituencies on campus when appropriate

5.      Monitor and examine undergraduate academic advising

6.      Make recommendations regarding academic advising

Approved by the Faculty Senate: April 13, 2015

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