Department Chair's Bill of Rights (Faculty Senate Bill FS 07/08 39B)


I. Purpose. The Council of Academic Chairpersons will promote synergy among department chairpersons and efficacy in the performance of the chairperson role, resulting in important gains for the University.

II. Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Promote role definition of the department chairpersonship at CCSU
  2. Provide a mutual support structure for department chairpersons
  3. Enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the function of department chairpersons
  4. Provide a forum for the consultation of affairs that concern department chairpersons
  5. Foster advocacy by department chairpersons for appropriate administrative and academic procedures.
  6. Represent the concerns and recommendations of Chairpersons to the Senate

III. Membership. The membership shall consist of the chairpersons (including Chairs, Interim Chairs and Acting Chairs) of all academic departments and of the Department of Athletics, and the library faculty spokesperson.

IV. Meetings. The Council shall meet a minimum of 3 times per academic semester/ Special meetings shall be called upon request of 10% of the membership.

V. Organization. A Council Chair and a Secretary shall be elected at the start of each academic year for one-year terms. The Chair will act as facilitator of meetings and liaison to the Faculty Senate and Provost; the Secretary will keep and distribute minutes and assume the role of Acting Chair in the absence of the Chair.

VI. Communication. The Council will be a standing committee of the Faculty Senate; however, the Council will also have direct lines of communication with the Provost to discuss matter of concern that affect departments across all academic schools at CCSU.

Approved by the Faculty Senate: February 23, 2015