[ MEMBERSHIP 2018-19 ]

AMMON SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES: Cameron Brewer (Philosophy) 20

SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: Kuan-Pin Chiang (Marketing) 19

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIES: Matthew Orange (Physical Education and Human Performance) 19


2016-17 FULL-TIME AWARD RECIPIENT: Vicente Garcia (Art) 19

2017-18 FULL-TIME AWARD RECIPIENT: Maria Lourdes Casas (Modern Languages) 20

1 STUDENT: vacant


The purpose of this committee is to advise the president regarding the Excellence in Teaching Award.    
[ BY LAWS ]    


EIT Committee membership includes: (a) one member of the teaching faculty from each undergraduate school, (b) a student selected by the Student Government Association, (b) an alumna/us selected by the Alumni Association, and (c) each of the full-time award recipients from the past two years. All members of the Committee will serve two-year terms.

Co-Chairs of the Committee:

The committee shall have two co-chairs. An award recipient must serve as co-chair during at least one of the two years of his/her term. Both of the previous years' award recipients on the committee may choose to serve as co-chairs in the same year. If only one of the previous years' award recipients on the committee choose to serve as co-chair in a given year, then the committee shall elect one additional co-chair. If neither of the previous years' award recipients on the committee chooses to serve as co-chair in a given year, then the committee shall elect two co-chairs. Both co-chairs must be faculty members.

Election of Members

Each year, the Faculty Senate will elect two members of the Committee for a two-year term. Members from the School of Engineering, Science, and Technology and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences will be elected in even years, and members from the School of Education and Professional Studies and the School of Business will be elected in odd years.

Purpose of Award

The excellence in Teaching Award has been designed to recognize the importance of good teaching at CCSU. Selection will be based on evidence of excellence in the following areas on a continuing basis, not merely an isolated brilliant performance:

  • 1. Knowledge of discipline
  • 2. Commitment to the intellectual development of students in part through understanding of the subject and developing constructive attitudes in students
  • 3. Originality and creativity in teaching styles and techniques
  • 4. Ability to secure the respect and confidence of both students and colleagues
  • 5. Ability to inspire students, as a teacher, mentor and advisor, through rigor in intellectual endeavors, personal integrity, contagious enthusiasm, and encouragement of students’ independent thinking.

Criteria for Eligibility

  • 1. Any member of the CCSU teaching faculty may be nominated for the EIT award. Previous EIT winners may not advance past the Honor Roll. Current EIT Committee Members may not be considered for any award level. Full-time faculty with less than 3 years of service at CCSU will be eligible for Honor Roll recognition only. The EIT Committee will select an award recipient who is a full-time teaching faculty member, and shall present an additional EIT award to an adjunct teaching faculty member, if an appropriate candidate can be identified.
  • 2. Only nominations by students or alumni will be accepted.
  • 3. If an eligible nominee wishes to be considered he/she must be willing to submit materials requested by the selection committee.

Approved by the Faculty Senate: May 4, 2015