[ MEMBERSHIP 2018-19 ]


Patrick Foster (Technology and Engineering Education) 20

Charisse Levchak (Sociology) 19

Jason Sikorski (Psychological Science) 19

Cassandra York (Physical Education and Human Performance) 20


4 vacancies


The Student Affairs Committee informs the Faculty Senate of new co-curricular interests of students. The Student Affairs Committee provides a forum through which Student Affairs may consult and inform faculty on student life areas, policy, and procedures. The aim is to gain faculty perspective and enhance faculty knowledge of student life initiatives and services. The Student Affairs Committee also advises the President regarding the establishment and recognition of student organizations.

[ BY LAWS ]    


  1. Four (teaching and non-teaching) faculty members elected by the Faculty Senate for staggered terms of two years.
  2. Four student members appointed by the Student Senate for one-year terms.
  3. The Vice President for Student Affairs, ex officio. The Committee shall organize itself during September of each year electing a faculty member as its chairperson.

Functions And Responsibilities

  1. 1. To review and recommend to the President of the University policies and procedures for the establishment and recognition of all student clubs, groups, and organizations at the University.
  2. To make recommendations to the President of the University concerning applications for recognition by specific student clubs, groups, and organizations.
  3. To review and recommend to the Faculty Senate policies, procedures and regulations concerning student affairs in such areas as student rights and responsibilities and student behavior, individual, in small groups, and as a student body as a whole.

Approved by the Faculty Senate: May 10, 2010