Committee on Committees

The Committee on Committees shall consist of three Senators elected by the Senate annually to review and keep up-to-date the committees of the Senate and the Functions and Responsibilities of Standing Committees of the Faculty. All Standing Committees of the Faculty should be reviewed by the Senate on a three-year cycle. This review should include one-third of all committees each year. There should be no overlapping or duplication of standing committee responsibilities. The Committee on Committees shall report to the Senate by the end of the Spring semester.


Members 2016-17

Jan Bishop, Rebecca Boncoddo, Kathy Martin-Troy


Members 2015-16

Jan Bishop, Kris Larsen, Kathy Martin-Troy


Members 2014-15

Burlin Barr, Patrick Foster, Carol Jones


Members 2013-14

Burlin Barr, Patrick Foster, Kathy Martin-Troy


Members 2012-13

Patrick Foster, Barry Hoopengardner (Chair), Steve Horowitz


Members 2011-12

David Cappella, Fred Latour (Chair), Wujun Wang


Members 2010-11

David Cappella, Fred Latour (Chair), Wujun Wang