Senate Elections Committee

The Elections Committee shall consist of six Senators elected annually from different areas of the University. This Committee makes nominations for and conducts all internal Senate elections and Universitywide elections that are the responsibility of the Senate. The Committee's nominations shall be distributed to Senators so as to allow sufficient time for Senators to consult their constituents. Nominations by the Elections Committee shall not require a second.


Members 2016-17
Carol Austad (Fall 2016 only), Lisa Bigelow, Reza Ghodsi (Spring 2017 only), Martin Kapper, Fred Latour, William Nelson, Darren Sweeney


Members 2015-16
Catherine Baratta (Co-Chair), Roger Bilisoly, Daniel D'Addio, Patrick Foster, Amy Kullgren (Co-Chair), William Nelson


Members 2014-15
Burlin Barr, Patrick Foster, Catherine Kurkjian, Jason Melnyk (Chair), Mark McGuire, Chad Williams


Members 2013-14
Steven Bernstein (Chair), Lisa Bigelow, Patrick Foster, Bobbie Koplowicz, Jason Melnyk, Chad Williams


Members 2012-13
Steven Bernstein (Chair), Lisa Bigelow, Patrick Foster, Xiaoping Shen, Amanda Tellier, Chad Williams

Members 2011-12
Tim Corbitt, Chris Diamond, Xiaobing Hou, Jim Mulrooney (Chair), Amanda Tellier, Cindy White


Members 2010-11
Nidal Al-Masoud, Steven Bernstein (Chair), Lisa Bigelow, Tomasz Jarmosko, Cindy Pope, Cindy White