Excellence in Teaching Committee (College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences)

Cameron Brewer Philosophy I am an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department. I began teaching at CCSU in 2014. I am interested in joining the committee for a few reasons. First and foremost, I am interested in seeing how colleagues, who have been recognized as excellent instructors by their students, present diverse and difficult material. I think I would learn a lot by serving on the committee. But I also want to serve on the committee because I believe I can add some input into discussions about the nomination and selection process.
Drew Collins Music  
Heather Rodriguez Sociology What a wonderful way to learn about others on campus, support EIT, and be a part of such a wonderful yearly event. Would be honored to serve on this hard working committee.

Faculty Senate Part-Time Faculty Representatives

James Carlson Technology & Engineering Education I wish to nominate myself, James Carlson to be considered for service as a Part Time Faculty Senate Representative. I started teaching this fall at CCSU and have found it to be a rewarding and fulfilling teaching experience. I earned my Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in Integrative STEM Education and I am a full-time technology education teacher at Guilford High School. I credit my experience as a student at CCSU as essential in preparing me to be successful in each of these endeavors. I have been seeking ways to be of service to the CCSU community and believe this is one of many ways I can give back.
Kevin Kean Psychological Science I have previously served as a part-time representative and I would be glad to do so again. Part-time faculty have a unique and important voice in faculty governance. In the challenging times we are facing now, and in the difficult times yet to come, we will need to hear and respect the views of the entire faculty.

Online Learning Committee (Library)

Briana McGuckin Library

I feel that I would be a good fit for this committee given that I teach my course (LSC-150) as a hybrid class, and use open-access materials to supplement instruction -- which I understand also to be of interest to this committee. Thank you!

Promotion and Tenure Committee (Associate Professors)

Swamy Basim Engineering I am here at CCSU for the last 14 years. Last year I was on DEC of the Engineering Department.  I believe that the experience I gained as a member of DEC qualify me to serve in the Promotion and Tenure Committee.Thanks for your support.Swamy Basim
Dan Chase Biomolecular Sciences I look forward to working on P&T to make sure we build a strong, vibrant and committed CCSU community.
Mathew Foust Philosophy My commitment to objective evaluation and attention to detail make me well suited to serving on this committee.
Khaled Hammad Engineering Dr. Khaled Hammad is in his 7th year at CCSU and is completing his fourth year as an Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering. Dr. Hammad served as the 'Department Liaison for the CCSU-AAUP' (2011 - present), SEST representative to the 'CCSU Academic Standards Committee' (2011 – 2017), and member of CCSU-AAUP election committee. He is currently serving on the 'CCSU Advisory Committee for CSU Professorship' (2017-2018, 2016-2017 & 2015-2016), the Distinguished Service Award Committee (2017 -2019), and the new CCSU Provost Search Committee (2017). Dr. Hammad is a contributing author to 80 peer reviewed publications. Dr. Hammad is an active member of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), and The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). To learn more about Dr. Hammad, visit his CCSU faculty profile: http://www2.ccsu.edu/faculty/hammad.
Carl Knox Music I would be honored to serve on the University Promotion and Tenure Committee. Having served on three different Department of Music DEC committees during my time at CCSU has given me the opportunity to learn the process from a departmental standpoint and, more importantly, the desire to learn more about the process from the University’s P&T point of view. My insight from the perspective of a twenty year career at CCSU should prove to be of value to the committee.
Susan Koski Criminology & Criminal Justice I have served on our Department Evaluation Committee for 2 years.  I am interested in helping the University in the same manner.  My experience serving on our DEC has helped prepare me for this task.  In addition to my experience reviewing renewals, professional assessments, and promotion and tenure binders for our department, attending numerous P & T workshops as a DEC member has also helped in providing me with a clear understanding of the guidelines.
Rachel Schwell Mathematical Sciences I served on the Excellence-in-Teaching Committee for four years, and the DEC for the Department of Mathematical Sciences for two years. In both capacities I carefully analyzed written faculty files and gave each one the care and attention it deserved. I look forward to doing the same on the Promotion & Tenure Committee and repaying the effort others have put forth on my behalf in the nine years I have been at CCSU. Thank you!

Promotion and Tenure Committee (Full Professors)

Nidal Al-Masoud Engineering I am writing to nominate Dr. Nidal Al-Masoud for the Promotion and Tenure Committee to serve as a Full Professor at-large.  Dr. Al-Masoud is very familiar with the requirements of promotion and tenure having served as a member of the Senate Steering Committee which prepared Promotion and Tenure Guidelines.  In several past years he has been a P & T committee member and this experience record will be of value.  Lastly, he is a colleague of highest integrity, whose judgment, I believe, would always be respected.  Nominator – Peter Baumann
Carrie Andreoletti Psychological Science This is my 14th year at CCSU. I would be honored to serve on the Promotion & Tenure committee alongside colleagues from across the university. I look forward to the possibility of learning more about the work of my colleagues across disciplines. I have served on many committees, including my department's DEC, of which I am currently chair. If elected, I will serve with integrity and do my best to ensure that colleagues are evaluated fairly and in line with contract, Faculty Senate, and department guidelines.
Patrick Foster Technology & Engineering Education I believe that CCSU's Promotion and Tenure Committee must continue to be both diligent and resolute as our institution implements a new collective-bargaining agreement and transitions to a new Provost. Furthermore, given increased class sizes, 'frozen' faculty searches, and an expanding use of contingent faculty, I believe that the P&T committee must address issues which are beyond its usual duties, but well within its purview.To name one important example, the P&T committee can and should work with the administration to clarify the role and weight of departmental-guideline documents in faculty evaluations, especially in requests for renewal or tenure.In light of the willingness of our new President to share institutional governance with the faculty, I believe that this committee should assume this additional leadership now. I have served on this committee in the past and would welcome the chance to do so again.Thanks!
Philip Halloran Mathematical Sciences Dear CCSU Faculty Member,I would like you to vote for me for the position of Promotion and Tenure Committee Member for the 2017-2019 academic school years.  I have served on the P&T many times and have been its Chair 5 times.  Members of the P&T have told me that they have chosen me as their Chair because of my ability to run the P&T processes and meetings in an efficient and effective manner. I believe that the P&T is the most important committee in the university.  The committee members are dealing with the professional and personal lives of each faculty member who is being considered for either promotion or tenure, or both.  The candidate faculty member deserves to be treated with the greatest respect and support. And, I do my best to provide just that to each of them.  I have had many candidates who appeared before the committee say that I made them feel most comfortable, and hence reduced the stress that often accompanies meeting with the Promotion and Tenure Committee.It is for these very important reasons that I ask you to cast your vote for me for this term on the Promotion and Tenure Committee.
Khoon Koh Marketing I served on the P&T committee about 3 years ago. Enjoyed the experience and would love to serve again.  Thanks.
Catherine Kurkjian Literacy, Elementary, and Early Childhood Education  I have enjoyed serving as a member of this committee at various times in the past. It allows its members to learn what is valued across schools. It would be a pleasure to work with my colleagues doing this important work.
Kathy Martin Biomolecular Sciences I have served on the promotion and tenure committee several times during my time at CCSU and truly enjoy reading the amazing things so many of my colleagues do.
Mary McCarthy Accounting Hello, I am in my eighth year at CCSU. I have served on the DEC committee in the past and would be honored to serve on the University P&T. I believe my 20 plus years work experience and training provide me the opportunity to serve this committee honorably, objectively, while benefitting my department and school in the future when required to serve on the DEC again.
Jesse Turner Literacy, Elementary, and Early Childhood Education I have served our university, collogues, students, and the boarder community for nearly 20 years. That service is deeply rooted in integrity, honesty, and fairness, and a love for higher education. I have serve on the University Promotion and Tenure committee in the past. Have served as our Department Evaluation Chair for 10 years, and as a member for 15 years. 
I believe that CCSU's Promotion and Tenure Committee above all else should diligent and resolute in honoring our professional standards, and our collective-bargaining agreement. I have served on this committee in the past and would welcome the honor to serve again. 
Barry Westcott Chemistry & Biochemistry I have previously served a two-year term on the Promotion and Tenure Committee and was chair of the ad hoc committee that revised the guidelines for the process in 2007. As a former department chair and coordinator for URCAD, I have reviewed creative activity both specific to my field and more broadly throughout the university. I am running for the at-large, full professor slot.

Promotion and Tenure Committee (Librarians, Counselors, Coaches)

Steven Bernstein Library Steven has served on numerous campus-wide committees, including: Faculty Senate, the Academic Freedom Committee, the Academic Integrity Committee (once as chair), the Curriculum Committee, the Elections Committee (twice as chair), the Graduate Studies Committee, the Information Technology Committee, and the Sabbatical Leave Committee.  He would like to continue his service to the University by serving on the P&T Committee.
Ewa Wolynska Library In the past I have served twice on this Committee. It is a demanding work but also very satisfying. It leaves one with a better understanding of the quality of CCSU's faculty research and teaching, of ranges of subjects thought here, of new trends. In the portfolio materials one can glance the way our school in perceived through the eyes of faculty, students, administrators and community.

Sabbatical Leave Committee (Fine Arts)

Charles Menoche Music I believe that Sabbatical opportunities are essential for CCSU faculty and, as a result, the success of our students. After my recent (first ever) sabbatical, I realized that this might be an appropriate time for me to apply to serve on the committee. I also feel that as someone in the creative arts, I will be able to contribute to discussions about and advocate for how the creative activity and research for individuals in the arts may be different from other disciplines but equally valid and deserving.