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CCSU's Travel Office is a department within the division of Business Services, which has the responsibility for processing travel authorizations and travel reimbursements, maintaining travel software, conducting training and for providing up-to-date travel policy information to the University's travelers.

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Elink for Enterprise:

Don’t need to be concerned about the E-Plus or Emerald Club links.

If the user just fills in appropriate info in the center block, the system automatically provides State discounted rates.

The addition of surcharges, fees and taxes is allowed in this contract.


Please click here for an explanation of the Gelco Travel Manager 9.0 system.

To view a tutorial on how to create a travel authorization, click here.

The URL for the upgraded version is Place this URL in your browser or please click here to go to the website and actually use the system.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to review the policies or procedures or require some  guidance or assistance on creating on-line travel authorizations or vouchers please feel free to call Debbie Peterson @ x22549.


Listed below are some helpful links:


Location:  Marcus White Annex Room 006

                1615 Stanley Street

                New Britain CT, 06050


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